The main gate of the Bayelsa State Government House at Onopa, Yenagoa is now decorated with the flags of the All Progressives Congress (APC) ahead of the formal takeover of the state’s governance by the APC.

The Flags of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have been removed from the roundabout.

The outgoing Governor of the state, Seriake Dickson of the PDP is expected to hand over power to the incoming Governor, Chief David Lyon of the APC on Friday.

The PDP flags, that were hoisted on poles around the roundabout, were violently pulled down by aggrieved appointees of the governor, who protested their non-payment of salaries on Tuesday. Some APC leaders were seen hoisting the APC flags on the empty poles signaling the end of PDP government in the state.

As part of preparations for the inauguration, Lyon attended a parade rehearsal at the Samson Siasia Sports Complex, where the event is scheduled to hold on Friday. The incoming governor was taken through and taught the entire process of ceremonial takeover to get him ready for the event.

The Nigerian army has expressed its disappointment as the Federal Government under the Buhari administration released 1,400 “ Boko Haram repentant” suspects.

The soldiers said their effort to have fought against Boko Haram, only for the terrorist to be released after being captured is a wasted effort. They said they do not understand why the suspected Boko Haram members are being released in large numbers.

“A lot of soldiers are not happy about this. We were there at the Maimalari barracks when some of these Boko Haram people were released,” one of the soldiers who doesn’t want his name mentioned said.

The authorities are releasing them, but Boko Haram are killing soldiers that they capture. This does not make sense to us at all. We continue to sweep across the bushes to flush these people out, and then the government will release them. Does that not amount to wasted efforts?

You wonder why Boko Haram members are on the increase? When we arrest them and bring them here, some top people would come and start negotiating their release. But, I will tell you some of these so-called suspects are returning to the bush and they were never repentant.

Borno Commissioner for Information, Babakura Jato while addressing the release of the repentant Boko Haram said it is true that the insurgent were released in large numbers.

He also said that most of the persons released in three tranches since the Operation Safe Corridor began were actually not Boko Haram members but relatives of terrorists or persons found in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The commissioner said that there have been a series of releases. They were released in three tranches. The first set was released during Governor Shettima’s time while two sets have been released under Prof. Zulum.

The total number of persons released is 1,400. Out of the 1,400, the majority of them are cleared suspects. These were people who were suspected of being members of Boko Haram and it was discovered that they were not.

The rest are children of Boko Haram or actual Boko Haram members. I cannot give you a breakdown of the figure now for security reasons.

President Muhammed Buhari in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, met with Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canadian on the margin of the 33rd AU Summit.

The Nigerian leader described the relationship between Nigeria and Canada as very cordial. He also expresses his desire to further strengthen the bilateral ties.

Garba Shehu, the President Spokesman said in statement to the newsmen, President Buhari highlighted the friendly relationship between Nigeria and Canada, notting that commonwealth membership of both nations and the number of Nigerian studying in Canada.

“ We have a lot of students in Canada. We are aware of our vital roles to keep the country together. We are also anticipating to expand trade because Canada is one of the biggest customers of Nigeria Crude Oil. But the most important and enduring relations with Canada is education” President Buhari said 

The Canadian Prime Minister identified President Buhari as “a leader in Africa” adding that it was a pleasure to engage on regional and international issues.

‘‘Your leadership and reflection on the current situation challenging Africa but also the potentials and opportunities are something that I am very much looking up to.” He said.

A young girl identified as Dele was found and pictured reading by the ATM gallery of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) in Ondo state.

A man who was about using the ATM saw the young girl doing her homework with the electricity supply at the ATM stand.

He decided to post it on his twitter account and the tweet went viral which finally got to FCMB Management who asked people through the Bank’s official Twitter account to help find Dele so that she could be sponsored.

The tweet reads:

“I saw this little Dele at FCMB Bank along Yaba Road in Ondo City. She is using the ATM Gallery light to do her homework. My respect goes to her determination to make it in life. Let it go viral.”

FCMB replied;

“We are inspired by Dele’s determination to study. It’s great our ATM Gallery could light her books for the evening, but we would love to do more to support her. Can you please help us find Dele? Please RT until it gets to someone who knows her.”

It has been reported that Dele and her grandmother have been found and she attends a private school named Hope of Glory Academy.

The U.S. Departments of State and Justice has sent two letters which confirmed the choice of The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) to manage the $308,460,329 Abacha loot.

The Department of Justice on its part noted that an agreement was reached with the Federal Government that the NSIA should administer the funds to ensure transparency and accountability.

Other terms included in the agreement are financial review by an independent auditor and monitoring by an independent civil society organization with expertise in engineering and other areas.

The agreement also precludes the expenditure of funds to benefit alleged perpetrators of the corruption or to pay contingency fees for lawyers.

According to the letter from the Department of Justice, “Gen. Abacha and his cronies robbed Nigerians of vast public resources and abused the U.S. and international financial systems to launder their criminal proceeds.

The Department of Justice further stated that “the United States is also continuing to seek forfeiture of over $177 million in additional laundered funds held in trusts that name Abacha associate … and his relatives as beneficiaries.”

Under the agreement signed between, the U.S. governments and Nigeria, the U.S. will transfer 100 per cent of the net forfeited assets to the Federal Republic of Nigeria to support three critical infrastructure projects in Nigeria that were previously authorized by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigerian legislature

The complaint for the recovery of the loot, the Department of Justice said “alleges that Gen. Abacha, his son Mohammed Sani Abacha, their associate and others embezzled, misappropriated and extorted billions from the government of Nigeria and others, then laundered their criminal proceeds through U.S. financial institutions and the purchase of bonds backed by the United States.”

Alhaji Muhammad Nanono, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, announced processes of launching a massive agricultural revolution that would ensure agricultural mechanization program in all its 632 Local Government Areas in Nigeria.

This was made known when Nanono received the Governor of Benue State, Dr Samuel Ortom, in his office in Abuja said the policy would ensure that Nigeria achieved food security, job creation and economic growth.

Nanono explained that the initiative was expected to involve a full technology transfer that would cover all stages, from agricultural production to industrial processing and marketing.

The minister told the governor that each of the participating local governments would be fully equipped with administration and information technology workshops.

Mechanized farming and appropriate mechanization strategies have been said to have a large role to play in improving agriculture productivity, particularly in Africa, in order to feed the growing world population.

President Muhammadu Buhari has warned, during a meeting with the Economic Advisory Council (EAC) in Aso Villa, that the outbreak of coronavirus has become a major threat to Nigeria’s economy. He identified bad harvests, conflicts in global locations and tariff changes in major world economies, as other factors negatively impacting the economy.

Although the Federal Government is working hard at diversifying the nation’s economy, oil remains its mainstay. 

As a result of the outbreak of coronavirus, China, the world’s biggest importer of crude oil, has cut consumption by 20 per cent. China usually consumes about 14 million barrels a day, using oil to power machinery, fuel vehicles, and keep the lights on.

The President said: “The economy is the most delicate and sensitive of all aspects of national life. A little change in the matrix can lead to major disruptions in the national economy. For example, international changes in oil prices, bad harvests, conflicts in strategic global locations, a major epidemic or pandemic like the current coronavirus, tariff changes in major world economies, to mention only a few examples that readily come to mind, can significantly affect our plans.”

He explained2 that he was impressed with the preliminary report submitted by the council. “I am highly pleased based on what I have read in your Executive Summary with the painstaking thoroughness of your preliminary report. I have noted the salient points of your report and these will be incorporated in government economic policies”.

President Buhari directed that the EAC should now brief him more frequently, at least once every six weeks, instead of once every quarter.

The statement issued by the Nigerian envoy to Morocco on sunday. Mohammed decorated Garba with the honour of “ Wissam Al Alaoui of the order of commander.

Garba was decorated at the Royal Palace in Rabat, the Moroccan capital, in recognition of his efforts towards strengthening bilateral relations between Nigeria and Morocco.

It highlighted Garba’s tenure as head of the Nigerian mission in that country to have played an active role in increasing the cooperation between Nigeria and the Kingdom of Morocco.

According to the statement, “The highest points of such increased cooperation were the remarkable state visit of King Mohammed VI to Nigeria in 2016 and President Muhammadu Buhari’s reciprocal trip to the Kingdom in 2018.”

During Buhari’s visit to Morocco in 2018, the two countries signed three agreements to facilitate economic cooperation between the two countries. The agreements include deals on regional gas pipeline, chemical plant and agricultural training.

The agreement explained that the Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline (NMGP) project, designed to be 5,660 kms, would reduce gas flaring in Nigeria and encourage diversification of energy resources in the country.

It added that the agreement would also create more job opportunities and eradicate poverty.

President Muhammadu Buhari met with the United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson to seek the cooperation of the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom in the investigation of fugitives from Nigeria living in UK

The president’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina in a statement in abuja said the president called the Prime Minister in London on Monday during a bilateral meeting. The two leaders met on the sidelines of UK- Africa Investment Summit 2020.

Buhari said that the anti- corruption war going on in Nigeria is making tremendous impact though slow. He said the cooperation of the NCA UK is needed. News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the former Minister for petroleum, Diezani Alison – Madueke and some other Nigerian fugitives had fled into exile since the current administration came on board in 2015.

The federal High Court in 2017, presided by Justice Abdulazeez Anka, has ordered the final forfeiture of the 7.6 billion alleged loot recovered by the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) from Allison – Madueke. 

The President gave an update on the positive development in Nigeria in different area of national endeavor to Mr Johnson. He said on the war of insurgency, things are a lot better, they have been able to clear the mind of the people on the true philosophy of boko haram though there were challenges in the area of resettling displaced people, it was resolved.

Mr Johnson Appreciated Mr Buhari “for being a regional leader who gives strong encouragement to the West “ He congratulated him on job created through agriculture and encourage him to do more. He also lauded the Nigeria President for what he called the “social and economic benefits” that has accrued to the country since 2015.

Mr johnson also promised that the necessary cooperation needed by the Nigeria government on its fight against corruption through the national crime agency.