New Prime Minister


On Wednesday, The Japanese parliament, announced Yoshihide Suga, ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leader, as the country’s 99th prime minister.

Shino Abe, his predecessor, announced that he was stepping down in August due to worsening health issues. The former PM is suffering from a recurring intestinal illness called ulcerative colitis.

Suga, who won a resounding victory in the LDP leadership race on Monday, was approved by both chambers of the parliament which is controlled by the LDP and junior coalition partner, Komeito.

Tunisia’s President Qais Saied, has disclosed the appointment of a 46-year-old lawyer, Hichem Mechichi, as the country’s new prime minister-designate.

Mechichi was the interior minister in the outgoing government.

However, he has been given up to one month to form a government.

Mechcichi replaces Elyes Fakhfakh who resigned earlier this month over an alleged financial scandal.