Six police officers have been  arraigned in Mozambique over a poll observers murder. 

The police officers who were said to be members of Mozambique’s elite police unit are on trial for the murder of a well-known election observer.

The deceased, Anastacio Matavele was shot dead in his car in the city of Xai-Xai just before the elections last year.

The suspected involvement of the police came to light after the alleged attackers had a car crash as they fled the scene.

Four police officers have confessed to been part Of the murder. The alleged ringleader is said to be on the run.

The father and son who are accused of killing an unarmed black man in Georgia earlier this year have been arrested after video of the incident sparked widespread outrage.

Gregory McMichael, 64, and Travis McMichael, 34, were arrested for the death of Ahmaud Arbery, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced. Both men were taken into custody and face charges of aggravated assault and murder.

Arbery, 24, was shot dead in Brunswick, a coastal city, a coastal city about midway between Savannah and Jacksonville, Florida, on Feb. 23 as he was running through the Satilla Shores neighborhood. His family insists he was out jogging, while the McMichaels claimed they thought he was a burglar.

The high court of the federal Capital Territory, Abuja, on Monday convicted Maryam Sanda of the mother of her husband, Bilyaminu Bello. The judge, Justice Yususf Hallilu, held that they were contingent evidence and the Maryam’s testimony and statement to the police that she fatally stabbed her husband, who died in Abuja on the November 19, 2017.

The deacesed, Bilyaminu Bello is reported to be a newphew of the former Chairman of the People Democratic Patry, Haliru Bello. Sandra, the mother and her relatives broke into tears immediately the judge pronounced her guilty. 

Sandra’s mother, who was sitting at the back seat, ran out of the court as she wept. Sanda also rushed out of the courtroom , which was beside the dock to cry. The jugde, however ordered that she should be brought back to the courtroom.

The defence lawyer, attempted to make a plea for allocutus ( plea for mercy). Justice Yusuf Hallilu said he needed to rise for the courtroom to restore to normalcy. He said he would return to deliver the sentences after some minutes. 

When the judge returned from the break, he said there would be no room for allocutus. He also said the offence for which the convict was convicted was based on section 221 of the penal code

“It has been said that thou shall not kill. Whoever kills in cold blood shall die in cold blood” he said

“Maryam Sanda should reap what he has sown,” he said adding “it is blood for blood “