King of morocco


The statement issued by the Nigerian envoy to Morocco on sunday. Mohammed decorated Garba with the honour of “ Wissam Al Alaoui of the order of commander.

Garba was decorated at the Royal Palace in Rabat, the Moroccan capital, in recognition of his efforts towards strengthening bilateral relations between Nigeria and Morocco.

It highlighted Garba’s tenure as head of the Nigerian mission in that country to have played an active role in increasing the cooperation between Nigeria and the Kingdom of Morocco.

According to the statement, “The highest points of such increased cooperation were the remarkable state visit of King Mohammed VI to Nigeria in 2016 and President Muhammadu Buhari’s reciprocal trip to the Kingdom in 2018.”

During Buhari’s visit to Morocco in 2018, the two countries signed three agreements to facilitate economic cooperation between the two countries. The agreements include deals on regional gas pipeline, chemical plant and agricultural training.

The agreement explained that the Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline (NMGP) project, designed to be 5,660 kms, would reduce gas flaring in Nigeria and encourage diversification of energy resources in the country.

It added that the agreement would also create more job opportunities and eradicate poverty.