The Egyptian authority has executed nine people who were found guilty of involvement in the killing of 13 policemen during the unrest in 2013 following the removal of the Islamist Mohamed Morsi from power.

Local media reported that the nine were part of a group of 20 people sentenced to death for the attack on a police station after security forces broke up a mass sit-in protest in Cairo by supporters of Morsi. Which led to the death of hundreds of protesters.

However, International has condemned the executions as a horrifying example of the Egyptian authorities’ contempt for the right to life.

The Egyptian health ministry has disclosed that 11 people have died and 98 others injured after a train accident on Sunday.

It was learned that the carriages veered off the track and overturned causing deaths and injuries.

The train was coming from the capital Cairo heading to the Nile Delta city of Mansoura.

A bus has overturned while trying to pass a truck on a highway in southern Egypt which caused a collision that killed at least 20 people and injured three others.

Assiut Governor Essam Saad disclosed in a statement that the bus was travelling from Cairo when it turned over and was hit by the truck on a road in the southern governorate of Assiut, 320km (199 miles) south of the capital Cairo. Both vehicles caught fire.

Photos released by the governor’s office showed a burned-out bus with rescue teams looking for survivors. The victims were taken to nearby hospitals.

The health ministry said thirty-six ambulances rushed to the scene.

President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has announced that licences will not be issued  to new vehicles unless they run on natural gas.

Local media has reported that the country has set a target to have a million cars to run on natural gas within a year.

The state will also help car owners to transition to using natural gas by providing loans to buy newer cars with natural gas tanks.

It is said that President Sisi is pushing for the move to preserve the environment as well as utilise the available gas resources in the country and save on the cost of fuel by 50%.

A news website in Egypt which is perceived to be one of the last independent voices in the country has recently revealed that its editor has been arrested.

Mada Masr disclosed that Lina Atallah was detained while conducting an interview with the mother of a leading activist and blogger, Alaa Abdel Fattah, outside the prison where he is being held.

Adding that Ms Atallah is now being held at a police station.

It was also recalled tha last November, Lina Atallah and two other journalists were detained for several hours during a raid by the security forces on the Mada Masr office in Cairo.

Thirteen people have been injured as two passenger trains collided amid bad weather conditions in Cairo yesterday, causing a brief suspension of rail services.

One train, traveling from Aswan, collided with the back of a second train, going from Sohag to Cairo, between Ramses also known as Misr Station, the main train station in Cairo  and Imbaba train stations in the Rod El-Farag area.

Khaled Megahid, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health said seventeen ambulances were sent to the crash site.

All those wounded were hospitalized, but the injuries sustained were “minor bruises and scrapes” and not life-threatening, he said.

Megahid added that the injured were taken to the Nasser Institute Hospital in Shoubra in southern Cairo.

Egypt’s Transportation Minister Kamel Al-Wzeir visited the site of the crash and ordered an investigation into the incident.

After the accident, the Egyptian Railway Authority announced a nationwide suspension of railway movement due to the weather conditions.

The Cairo Metro announced a partial suspension yesterday over the weather, with no service from New Al-Merg station to the Martyrs station at Tahrir Square.

The first death case in Africa has been confirmed in Egypt. A German tourist who was being treated for coronavirus in Egypt died after refusing to be transferred to an isolation ward.

The 60-year-old man had arrived in Egypt a week ago and complained of a fever. He was taken to a hospital in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada for treatment where he was diagnosed with coronavirus.

It was reported by AFP News Agency that his breathing was affected by “acute pneumonia”. 

On Saturday Egypt’s ministry of health announced that there were 45 new cases of coronavirus involving travelers who were in a cruise ship, bringing the total to 48. 

The ship was quarantined and the infected people were moved to an isolation facility in the north of the country, as reported by BBC.