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On Tuesday morning, five critically ill coronavirus patients died in a St Petersburg hospital fire. They were said to all be on ventilators, when a fire ripped through their intensive care unit  causing a short circuit in the ventilators.

A source at the emergencies department explained that a short circuit may have caused the fire, which was spread across 100 square feet on the sixth floor of St George’s hospital, in the city’s Vyborg district, at around 6 a.m.

The ventilators are operating to their limit. According to preliminary data, an overload occurred which ignited the machines, causing the fire,” a source stated.

A police source Identified the victims as four men and one woman, aged between 59 and 67. 

Well over 150 people were evacuated from the hospital. It is not known how many were injured.

The Prosecutor General’s Office is said investigating the cause of the fire and will look at whether the hospital complied with fire safety standards or was criminally negligent.

It is said that the hospital will continue to work as usual, with no plans to transfer patients to other hospitals.