In Tunisia’s presidential election held on Sunday, October 13, Kais Saied emerged winner with 72.71 percent of votes.

However, the independent law professor secured 2.7 million votes against one million received by his opponent, Nabil Karou.

Moreover, Karoui who was in jail during the campaign conceded defeat by congratulating Saied.

The sixty-one-year-old Saied is an interdependent candidate with no political experience.

In fact, Saied has pledged to fight corruption and support decentralization, thus, backed by the conservative Ennahdha Party.

Equally, Tunisians nicked named Saied Robocop during the campaign because of his austere demeanor.

Whereas, his anti-establishment platform helps him to woo young voters who accused politicians of failing to improve their lives since Arab Spring uprising.

Meanwhile, ninety percent of people who voted for Saied is between the ages of 18 and 25 according to estimates.

In addition, Stigma polling institute compared the number with 49.2 percent of voters over 60 years.

Saied described his projected victory as a revolution within the constitutional legitimacy.

Electoral Commission said the turnout is 55percent higher than the first round on September 15.

Sunday’s election is Tunisia’s second free presidential election since the 2010-2011 uprising that toppled long-standing ruler Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali.