The Nigerian Police of Ondo State have released details related to the death of Afenifere’s Chairman’s second daughter. Funke Olakunrin was allegedly killed by suspects thought to be herdsmen. The motive is thought to be a kidnapping attempt gone wrong.

Apparently the attempted kidnapping occured between Kajola and Ore along Ondo-Ore road on Friday, July 12. Mrs Olakunrin along with four other passengers were travelling from Akure to Ore when their vehicle was among several attacked. According to one source as many as 15 alleged assailants attacked several vehicles.

Afenifere Spokesperson, Yinka Odumakin said based on eyewitness accounts Olakunrin was allegedly shot and killed by Fulani herdsmen. The suspects evidently came from the bush, fired at the land cruiser hitting Odumakin and injuring others.

Unfortunately a victim from one of the other vehicles a Mr. Gerald Igboroka was abducted. The police are attempting to ensure his safe recovery. The ongoing problems with kidnapping by alleged herdsman in the Southwest region are an issue that the governors are trying to resolve.