On Wednesday, November 5, Gunmen ambushed five buses in Burkina Faso killing thirty-seven civilians.

Whereas, the attack occurred between Semafo’s Fada and Boungou mine sites, about 40 kilometers from Boungou.

However, the five buses were carrying workers for a Canadian gold mining company, Semafo in Burkina Faso.

In short, the gunmen attacked the convoy with an improvised explosive device, which struck a military vehicle in the convoy.

In addition, unidentified gunmen opened fire on the workers and the military men.

Meanwhile, the attack also injured sixty people.

After all, nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.

Note that the death toll does not include an unknown number of the security forces who may have died in the attack.

Dr. Mokgweetsi Masisi has been sworn in as the president of Botswana.

Moreover, Masisi of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) emerged victorious in last week’s general election.

However, he took his oath to serve his five-year substantive first term in office accompanied by his wife Neo.

Note that, the ceremony took place in the parliament in the capital of Gaborone.

Former, President Festus Mogae, Zambian President Edgar Lungu, and Zimbabwe’s Emmerson Mnangagwa, attended the ceremony.

In addition, Masisi who will lead Botswana for five more years, hence, pledges to uphold the rule of law and fight corruption.

Whereas, Masisi expresses his determination to improve the lives of Batswana “Our citizens are yearning for the social and economic transformation of their country”.

Masisi further urged citizens to unite and fight the countless challenges the country is facing.

The United States says it has cut Cameroon from a trade pact over allegations of human rights violations.

However, the US President, Donald Trump said Cameroon has failed to address the concern over its “persistent gross violation of internationally recognized human rights allegedly committed by Cameroon’s security forces.

Meanwhile, Trump accused the Cameroonian government of torture and extrajudicial killings of citizens.

Recall that in February, the US cut more than $17 million in security aid and support to Cameroon.

The US also said that it has to remove Cameroon from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) for unnecessary killings by the country’s military.

In brief, AGOA helps Sub-Saharan countries improve trade ties with the US.

Moreover, eligible countries must meet criteria, including a good human rights record to benefit from the trade.

Whereas, the Deputy U.S trade representative CJ Mahoney in a statement stated that the U.S government is deeply concerned about the brutality.

He added that the persistent gross violations of human rights being committed by the Cameroonians against its citizens are unacceptable.

Specifically, Cameroons Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations, Felix Mbaya claimed the Sanctions does not have any link to its human rights record.

“The simple truth is that the US is unhappy with a certain stance we take with China,” Said Mbaya.

According to Mbaya, China wrote off some of Cameroon’s debts in February.

Presently, China is carrying out a project in Cameroon to tighten its ties with the government.

He, likewise, emphasized that the government is not bordered about the AGOA as it is a very small part of Cameroon’s relationships with the United States.

The Zimbabwe government has fired Seventy-seven doctors for taking part in a strike.

Although, a court ruled in September that the strike was illegal and ordered them to go to work but they declined.

Meanwhile, the doctors were pressing for better salaries and better working conditions.

The Health Service Board launched a disciplinary hearing in November but most of the doctors charged did not attend.

Moreover, the doctors claimed that they do not have money for the bus fares for the hearing.

However, the government found seventy-seven doctors guilty out of the eighty doctors charged.

In addition, nurses have also embarked on strike action this week over low wages amid crippling inflation.

Zimbabwe is in the midst of an economic crisis, which has severely affected people’s earning.

The pressure is building on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to find a way out of the economic crisis, which continue to make life difficult for Zimbabwean.

On Thursday, November 5, the Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari approved the appointment of Dr. Sarah Omotunde Alade as Special Adviser to the President on Finance and Economy.

However, the appointment is domiciled in the Ministry of Finance, Budget, and National Planning.

Besides, the president’s Senior Assistant on Media and publicity, Malam Garba Shehu made the statement in Abuja on Tuesday.

Whereas, Alade holds a BSc (Economics) and Ph.D. in Management Science (Operations Research).

Meanwhile, she retired from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as Deputy Governor in 2017 after spending 23 years in the Apex Bank.

In 2014, Alade acted briefly as the CBN Governor.

At least three siblings have lost their lives and two others injured when a dilapidated building collapsed in Ebonyi State.

Moreover, the incident occurred in the Akaeze community, the Ivo local government area of Ebonyi State on Friday, November 1.

However, the victims are from the same family known as Okereke.

In fact, the names of the three children are Mmesoma 11, Onyinyechi 5, and John 3.

Meanwhile, the victims were sleeping in the building with other siblings and their mother when the building collapsed.

The mother of the deceased children was said to have urged her husband to relocate them from the building.

Unfortunately, the husband could not afford to pay for another house.

In addition, the neighbours help to remove the deceased from the building and bury them.

Nevertheless, the mother of the deceased and her only surviving son are receiving treatment in an undisclosed hospital.

The coordinator of Akaeze Development center Onyebuchi Ogbadu confirmed the incident.

“When I received the information, I rushed to the place and saw that three kids were dead instantly while their mother and one of the children were rushed to the hospital. It was very critical, the incident happened on Friday night.

The Police Command of Oyo State stormed an illegal detention center at a mosque in Ibadan.

Consequently, the police rescued 259 people detained there on Monday, November 4 based on information.

Moreover, the victims consist of 191 males, 34 females, 11 children, and 23 sick persons.

The Police arrested nine suspects during the raid, including the owner of the center.

However, some of the victims had been in detention for between two to ten years.

Meanwhile, the Oyo State Commissioner of Police Shina Olukola who led the operation confirmed the incident.

The suspects claimed to have process spiritual power to cure disobedience.

They also claim to possess spiritual powers to change the antisocial behavior of people, especially youngsters.

The State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Inclusion, Mrs. Faosat Sanni, who represented the state government, witnessed the operation.

Note that a seventeen-year-old boy who escaped from a holding facility in another part of Ibadan informed the police about the existence of the center.

According to findings, the detention center and many more have been in existence for several years.

At least twelve people are feared dead after a boat capsized on a Lake in Uganda.

Moreover, the incident occurred on Monday, November 4 at Lake Albert in the country’s North West.

However, the boat overloaded with fish and timber was carrying eighteen people when it overturned.

The Police Spokesperson, Julius Hakiiza who confirmed the incident said the accident happened because of strong winds.

Meanwhile, the rescued team has rescued six people but twelve others are still missing.

Boat accidents are common in the East African Nation because of overloading and poor weather conditions.

In addition, boat accidents also occurred because people traveling long distances often use wooden vessels.

Fourteen gunmen who entered the Burundian territory on Tuesday, October 22 have been killed.

However, the Burundi Army killed the gunmen as they entered the country from the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Meanwhile, the residents who saw the group of about eighteen armed criminals alerted the security forces.

Whereas, the armed group came from the Rukoko forest bordering DR Congo when security forces attacked them.

Moreover, the Burundi Army also seized their weapons after exchanging fire with them Bubanza province.

Note that Bubanza province is about 112 kilometers (69 miles) from the capital Gitega.

The Burundi rebel group known as RED Taraba operating from the Congo claimed responsibility for the attack on its Twitter account.

Therefore, the RED Taraba said the attack is the start of a ‘resistance’ to push for rule of law in Burundi.

“Burundi is not as stable as the regime in place claims”. Said RED Taraba.

Since 2015, when President Pierre Nkurunziza successfully sought a disputed third term in office, Burundi has constantly witnessed violence.

A total of thirteen terrorists were killed during a shootout with police forces in North Sinai.

However, the Egyptian Interior Ministry confirmed the incident, adding that the police forces raided a terrorist hideout in al-Obour at al-Arish, North Sinai.

Moreover, the National Security Agency received a piece of information regarding a terrorist group.

The information said the terrorist group was hiding in a deserted house at a farm at House district, al-Obour, planning to carry out an attack.

Besides, the group was seeking to escalate their plans to destabilize security and undermine the nation.

But based on the information the security agencies processed, they raided the hideout.

Whereas, as the security forces approached the hideout, the terrorist opened fire at them, thus, thirteen terrorists died.

The police officers recover nine automatic weapons, four rifles, explosive devices, and two explosive belts.

Many police officers have lost their lives in wave terrorism in Egypt since the army toppled late President Mohamed Morsi in 2013, in response to mass protests against his one-year rule.

A 35-year-old radio host Papy Mumbere Mahamba who helped spread the word in the fight against Ebola has been stabbed to death.

Moreover, the attackers killed Mahamba in his home in the Northern Democratic Republic of Congo on Saturday, November 2.

Meanwhile, the attackers also injured his wife before burning down his house.

The Commander of Congolese Army Forces in the Ituri town of Mabasa, General Robert Yau confirmed the incident.

DR Congo declared an Ebola epidemic in August 2018 in the conflict eastern provinces of North Kivu, South Kivu, and Ituri, bordering Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi.

According to the latest official figures, the Ebola virus has killed at least 2,185 people in the areas.

Obviously, efforts to contain the virus have been severally hindered by the conflict in eastern Congo.

Presently, we do not know the motive behind the killing in the town of Lwemba in the troubled Ituri region.

However, the attackers killed Mahamba after health authorities want to introduce a new vaccine against the disease in unaffected areas.

A journalist at Radio Lwenba local radio station where Mahamba worked, Jacques Kamwina also confirm the incident.

“Our colleague Papy Mumbere Mahamba was killed at his home by unknown attackers who stabbed him to death”.

Health workers have repeatedly come under attack in DR Congo.

Susanna Naylor and husband Chris Naylon who both died in the accident

Three British tourists have lost their lives and another was badly injured in a terrible accident in South Africa.

The accident occurred after driving up the famous 450 miles Garden Route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.

In brief, the British tourist’s vehicle collided with another vehicle as they crossed the Swartkops Bridge in South Africa.

Consequently, their vehicle flipped over the crash barrier and plunged into the river below.

However, the accident involved two married couples who were on their way to an airport to fly back to England.

Victims are Peter Harris, Miranda Haris, Chris Maylor and Susanna Naylor.

A Former Clergyman, Peter Harris, 67, who set up the International Conservation Charity A Rocha survived the accident.

Meanwhile, Harris’s wife, Miranda 66 and friends of 25 years, Chris and Susanna Naylor died in the crash.

The three victims died instantly.

A postmortem showed that they died from the impact either of the barrier or on landing.

Peter Harris, his wife, and 58-year-old Mr. Naylor, all worked for A Rocha.

55-year-old Naylor was a senior teacher at the E17,000 a year Christ Church Cathedral School in Oxford.

Peter Harris and his wife Miranda who died in the crash

At least two civilians have been killed and three others injured in an airstrike south of the capital Tripoli.

Moreover, the forces loyal to east Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar are responsible for the attack.

Meanwhile, the office of the Government of National Accord (GNA) forces stated Haftar’s warplanes targeted residential area in Al-swani.

In addition, the forces also bombarded ammunition belonging to Haftar forces in Wadi Al-Rabi, south of Tripoli.

However, Amnesty International released a statement in which it accused both sides of “utter disregard” of the laws of war and possible war crimes committed.

“Warning parties have killed and maimed score of civilians by launching indiscriminate attacks and using a range of inaccurate explosive weapons in populated urban area”.

After all, two-seats of power emerged in Libya since the ousting of Late leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

Usually, one in eastern Libya is mainly supported by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Whereas, another one in Tripoli enjoys United Nations and International recognition.

The European Union (EU) says it has approved an additional US$60 million to support Zimbabwe’s health sector.

Meanwhile, the fund was approved under the European National Indicative Program.

However, the sum of US$43 million is to support public health service delivery by strengthening the primary care system.

Besides, the additional fund is also for the capacitating of human resources for health, and enhancement of community participation.

Moreover, the remaining US$18 million is to support households and communities in vulnerable situations across the country.

Whereas, the purpose is to increase their capacities to respond to food and nutrition security shocks.

In addition, the support from the European Union has reached US$320 million under the National Indicative Programme from 2014-2020.

The European Union increases its support to Zimbabwe to support the people who are facing difficult social-economic times.

On Thursday, October 24, another story building collapsed in the Ojuelegba area of Lagos State.

However, the incident occurred at No. 7, Rufai Street, Ojuelegba, around 8:55 pm.

Moreover, the collapse happened twelve days after a 3-story building at Magodu Phase 1 crashed down.

Although, no life was lost as virtually all the residents vacated the building before it finally crashed.

Meanwhile, a tenant who spoke with reporters said the building has been collapsing since October 18.

In addition, another resident, Mr. Emeka Anozie said he alerted all the tenants when a window from the back flat collapsed around 7 pm.

Tenants removed some of their belongings from the house before the entire building collapsed a few minutes later.

After all, the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) marked the building a few months back.

Specifically, the agency served a notice on March 25 and May 21 respectively, warning residents and the property owner to vacate the building.

The Director-General of LASBCA, Dr. Olufemi Oke-Osanyintola said he has mobilized his team and other safety agencies to the scene to ensure the protection of lives and properties.

LASBCA has brought the building to ground zero and the area is now safe.

At least, sixty-seven people have lost their lives in violence in Oromia State, Ethiopia.

However, the violence, which began with a protest against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed quickly, moved into ethnic clashes.

Moreover, the protest spiked up to violence when the high-profile activist, Jawar Mohammed accused Abiy of acting like a dictator.

Therefore, he also accused the security forces of trying to orchestrate an attack against him.

In brief, he suggested that he might challenge him in elections planned for next year.

Meanwhile, the regional police chief, Kefyalew said, the total number of death in Oromia is sixty-seven.

In addition, fifty-five of them died because of the conflict while the police officers killed the rest of the victims.

Although, five of the dead were police officers.

Amnesty International accused Abiy of several waves of mass arrests of people in Oromia perceived to be opposed to the government.

Jawar Mohammed said Abiy’s supporters have also stopped believing in his promises of reform.

Likewise, Jawar said, Abiy seemed to be taking Ethiopia back to the old ways of authoritarian rule.

“He has resorted to the early signs of the dictatorship of trying to intimidate people, even his very close allies who helped him come to power, who happen to disagree with some of the policies and positions and ideologies he’s advocating”. Said Jawar.

Jawar is credited with promoting protests that swept Abiy to power last year but he has recently become critical of some of the premier’s policies.

Note that Abiy was named Nobel Peace laureate two weeks ago for maintaining peace and order in Ethiopia.

The Burundi government has charged four journalists and their driver with undermining national security.

However, the journalists were arrested last week while covering fighting with rebels from neighboring DR. Congo in Bubanza province.

Moreover, the journalist works for the Iwacu newspaper in Burundi.

Meanwhile, judicial sources confirmed the incident, saying the government arrested the journalist while trying to speak to residents who were fleeing the violence.

In addition, the fighting is between rebels and the army in Bubanza in north-west Rwanda.

The reporters are, however, currently in Bubanza’s central prison.

Besides, if convicted, they may likely spend five to ten years in prison.

Nonetheless, Human Rights Watch and Reporters without Borders (RSF) have called for the journalist immediately release.

Since 2017, when the violence started in Burundi, at least fourteen members of RED-Taraba have been killed.

RED-Taraba is an organization based in eastern DRC and headed by a Burundian opposition figure.

At least five people have died from the outbreak of Lassa fever in Benue State

Moreover, the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) confirmed the incident on Friday, October 25.

However, during a conference in Makurdi, the programs officer, Risk Communications Desk of NCDC, Hanatu Bello said that twenty-one cases of Lassa fever were received.

Meanwhile, the NCDC confirmed eight cases while five infected persons have also died.

“Since the beginning of the year, there have been 21 suspected cases of Lassa fever in Benue State”.

“Eight cases were confirmed after laboratory tests and five deaths have far been recorded”. Said Bello.

According to Bello, the only medical facility attending to Lassa fever patients in Benue is the State University Hospital (BSUTH).

In addition, the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of the state have been activated.

Besides, the center is to respond to the Lassa fever outbreak as well as a strange illness in the state.

At least one person has been killed and five abducted, including a school headteacher in two separate attacks by suspected bandits in Kaduna.

However, the incident occurred on Wednesday, October 16 at Doka Village.

Note that, Doka village is along Funtua road, Birnin-Gwari Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

Moreover, the bandits attacked a filling station, killing one fuel station attendant on the spot.

During the attack, the bandits also injured two people and abducted two others.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Birnin Gwari Vanguards, Ibrahim Nagwari confirmed the incident on Thursday, October 17.

Although, the police have not yet confirmed the attack.

Nagwari said the bandits also injured three members of a local vigilante group.

In addition, many travelers were kidnapped from their vehicles in another attack around Palwaya and Ganyam villages around 5:00 pm on Wednesday.

Villagers and travelers avoid passing through the Birnin-Gwari Funtua road because of attacks by bandits.

Bandits took over the entire eastern part of Birni-Gwari bordering with Zamfara and Katsina State and attack the people at will.

The villagers called on the Federal government and security agencies to act decisively on the bandits and their collaborators to bring them to justice.

At least 18.7 million children under the age of fifteen in Uganda have received immunization against measles, rubella, and polio.

Moreover, the Uganda Minister of Health, Jane Ruth Aceng confirmed that the ministry immunized 18.7 children, surpassing the 18.1 million target.

By and large, the government vaccinated 105 percent of children against deadly diseases.

Meanwhile, the ministry targeted 8.2 million children for the polio vaccine.

The ministry of health says it implemented the vaccination exercise to interrupt the measles and rubella outbreak.

The five days mass vaccination of measles, rubella, and polio commenced on October 16.

The vaccination campaign is in collaboration with the World Health Organisation, and it targeted 18,100,000 children under the age of 15.

In fact, the ministry added an extra two weeks to the campaign.

Parents are encouraged to visit health facilities within their respective districts so their children can access the vaccine.