Nigerian Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West, on Wednesday announced that the police attempted to kill him twice during his ordeal with them.

Melaye made the disclosure while announcing his intention to move his seat from the All Progressives Congress wing of the chambers to the Peoples Democratic Party’s wing.
“The Nigerian police attempted to kill me twice, one through the application of a chemical substance and the second time through injection. They actually came with an injection but God intervened,” he said.

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Melaye proceeded to thank the members of the senate and well meaning Nigerians for standing by him. Afterward, he walked to the opposition wing to take a seat next to Senator Ben Bruce. 

Kogi West senator, Dino Melaye, on Wednesday announced at the Senate that he longer feels comfortable sitting on the APC wing of the chamber and asked to be sited with the opposition.


It was Melaye’s first day at the Senate since he landed in the hospital after a failed attempt to evade being taken to Kogi State by the Nigerian police. He arrived with a walking stick and a neck support.
“Specially, I appreciate the Peoples Democratic Party for making statement during my recall exercise and asking everyone to stay aback. Politics has been shown not to be individualistic but to be about issues and purpose. To the National Chairman and executives of PDP in Kogi State, I salute you,” he said.

He then asked the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, to mandate the sergeant-at-arms to create a seat for him at the opposition wing of the chamber.
“I have a special request to you Mr President. Because of the trauma I went through and I’m still going through, I want to seek your indulgence that you will call on the Sergeant-at-arms to look for a comfortable seat for me on this side of the divide (pointing to the opposition wing) because I am no longer comfortable sitting here. So, I want to ask the Senate President that you mandate the sergeant-at-arms tomorrow to look for a seat for me on this other divide of the chamber.
“Before you do that today, through the help of my walking stick I will take a comfortable seat close to Papa, General Senator David Mark pending when you get me a comfortable seat on this side.”
While he did not make it clear whether he was decamping to the opposition, many suspect he may be moving to PDP.

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Melaye spent the rest of the day sitting beside David Mark as the house became rowdy.

Nigerian President Buhari accuses former President Obasanjo of squandering $16 Billion in the name of providing electricity for Nigerians.

A Chinese factory, Golden Lead, is polluting the coastline of Gambia despite court orders.

The new president of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio, paid an unscheduled visit to government offices

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Mali migrant, Mamoudou Gassama, arrived France last year, after taking the dangerous journey to Europe via a boat over the Mediterranean to Italy.
However, his story changed this week, when he risked his life to rescue a child dangling from the fourth-floor balcony of a building in Paris.

Bystanders cheered as he leaped from floor to floor, and the video went viral. He is now known as the Mali Spider-man of Paris. 

In recognition of his bravery, Gassama was invited by President Emmanuel Macron to the Elysee Palace, where he was told he would be made a French citizen. 

Macron thanked Gassama, gave him a medal of courage and said he would also be offered a role in the fire service.
Gassama said he was walking on the streets Saturday evening when he saw a crowd gathered in front of the building where the boy dangled.
“I just didn’t have time to think, I ran across the road to go and save him,” he told President Macron.

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He has since won widespread praise after saving the four-year-old boy.

Nigerian born Lt. Victor Agunbiade has been named among the top 18 US Navy recruiters of 2017. 

Agunbiade was named the Officer Recruiter of the Year, and honored along with 17 others during the annual Navy Recruiting Command’s Recruiter of the Year ceremony in Washington D.C. on May 17th.
Agunbiade started his career in the Navy in 2008 as a logistics specialist before becoming a supply corps officer. 

In November 2015, he became a recruiting officer, and he is active till date.

This award spotlights the sailors for their talent acquisition expertise and positive impact in their local communities.

“We are here tonight to recognize the superb work of these outstanding Sailors,” said Peter Garvin, commander, Navy Recruiting Command. 
 “They are the best recruiters in the United States Navy, and they represent the finest recruiting has to offer.”

 The 18 awardees had the opportunity to visit the Pentagon and meet with senior Navy leadership including Robert Woods, assistant secretary of the Navy for manpower and reserve affairs, and Patrick Barrett, deputy chief Navy Reserve.

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Other winners and their awards are listed below:
Operations Specialist 1st Class Ryan Clark, Enlisted Recruiter of the Year, Active; Lt. j.g. Massimo Ongaro, Officer Recruiter of the Year, Navy Reserve; Navy Counselor 2nd Class Jason Ellis, Sourcer of the Year; Navy Counselor 1st Class James Condon, Sales of the Year; Aviation Structural Mechanic 1st Class John Redshaw, Assessor of the Year; Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class Louis Smith, Onboarder of the Year; Machinist’s Mate (Nuclear) 1st Class Luis Saucedo, Nuclear Field Coordinator of the Year; Machinist’s Mate 1st Class Suemaya Dib, Station Leading Petty Officer of the Year; Navy Counselor Chief Petty Officer William Currie IV, Division Leading Chief Petty Officer of the Year; Ship’s Serviceman 1st Class Fritzi Castillo-Trinidad, Diversity Enlisted Recruiter of the Year; Lt. Derek Strauser, Diversity Officer of the Year; Navy Counselor 1st Class Matthew Weldy, Medical Officer Recruiter of the Year; Lt. Jeffery Shepard, Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Recruiter of the Year; Utilitiesman 1st Class Kevin Yaksich, Navy Special Warfare/ Navy Special Operations Recruiter of the Year; Personnel Specialist 1st Class Paul Lagman, Classifier of the Year and Yeoman 1st Class Roy Stanley II, Support Person of the Year.

Ekitit State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, says God has revealed to him he would replace Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari at Aso Rock or Vice-president Yemi Osinbajo.

He stated this during the commissioning of Ekiti State High Court and the newly completed governor’s office last weekend.
“Many of you are doubting Thomases, you don’t believe because Buhari is locking people up today. Once has he spoken, many times have I heard,” he said.
Below is the video:

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According to Fayose, he bears the name Peter, which he says means the rock. He explained that whoever the rock falls on would be crushed.

President Donald Trump has canceled his meeting with North Korea leader, Kim Jong Un, next month.
He announced this on twitter by posting a letter sent to Kim by the White House Thursday morning.
He said the decision amounted to a “tremendous setback” and warned North Korea that the US military is ready to act should Pyongyang take any “foolish and reckless” action.
“Our military, which is by far the most powerful anywhere in the world that has been greatly enhanced recently as we all know, is ready as necessary,” he said.

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But he left open the door to renewing the diplomatic thaw which had preceded the anticipated talks.
Below is his letter to Kim Jong Un. Click on it to read more clearly:
According to Channels Television, the Deputy Governor of Bauchi State, Nuhu Gidado, has resigned, citing waning enthusiasm for the job as reason for quitting.
Gidado’s exit makes the third high-ranking official to leave Governor Abubakar’s cabinet.
First to leave was the Commissioner for Budget and Planning, Shehu Ningi, who resigned in December, a day after Governor Abubakar presented the 2017 budget estimates to the state’s House of Assembly.
He said the governor was not willing to seek advice on how to run the state.
Ningi described working with the governor as “unaccommodating, debilitating and non-adviser friendly.”
The second high profile to leave was the Special Adviser on Investment, Samaila Sanusi, who cited  “unfriendly working environment”.

Popular blogger Linda Ikeji on Instagram today clears the air by responding to her critics in the following write up:
“So, a few friends have been calling me, asking me how I’m holding up with all the trolling on the internet since I announced my pregnancy. I kind of felt bad for them because they were worrying over something I wasn’t. 
I’ve been on the internet for nearly 12 years now, I’ve made money, I’ve met amazing people, I’ve written about folks and stepped on toes (mostly of course, unknowingly…lol). So when people troll me, that’s fine. It’s called Karma. Lol. Fortunately, it doesn’t get to me. 
There’s nothing I haven’t been called on the internet, and it will never stop because this is where I plan to do business for the rest of my life! So we all are stuck together. I’m not going anywhere…lol.
So let’s address some issues…and the reason why I bother is for the young girls who look up to me. I owe you and will always speak to help you in anyway I can because I want you to shine and be the better version of yourself.
So number one, let’s talk about this celibacy issue. I preached it a lot of times but I have NEVER said do not have sex before marriage. Here’s what I have always said to young girls and I maintain it.
Never ever give your body to a man for money. You’re worth so much more than that. You’re beautiful beyond measure and there’s absolutely nothing a man can give you that you can’t give urself if you apply yourself, believe in yourself and work hard. Start now that you’re young, pursue your dreams, work hard till your hands are sore and your mind is tired, never listen to anyone who tells you you’re not good enough or you’re wasting your time, and no matter how hard it gets, no matter how rough the road becomes, never give up on yourself or your dreams.
2. I’ve always also said & I maintain it; do not sleep around because your body is too precious & deserves respect. You deserve love & dignity. I’ve always said sex should only happen when you find yourself in a loving relationship, with someone you love & who loves you back. I was 100% celibate until I was ready to share my life with someone and I met the man of my dreams. (unfortunately, I can’t share him with the”

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Over 200 African athletes, coaches, journalists and officials who traveled to Australia for the Commonwealth Games have refused to return to their home countries, seeking asylum in Australia.
Some of the athletes went missing in between the Commonwealth events while others did not show up at all for their game.
Among those missing were at least six Ugandans and a Rwandan weightlifting coach, Jean-Paul Nsengiyumva, who disappeared after saying he needed a toilet break while his athlete was competing.
Also missing were Ernest Jombla and Yusif Mansaray, men’s squash players from Sierra Leone; both did not show up to their doubles match on April 12. 
Five boxers and three weightlifters from Cameroon also went missing, which is a third of Cameroon’s delegation. At least two Ugandan athletes also vanished.
The game ended on April 15th. Meanwhile, Australia’s home affairs minister announced prior to May 15th, that those who overstay their visas would be locked up. After that announcement, many of the missing athletes and officials resurfaced and started applying for refugee protection to enable them to stay and live in Australia.
“More than 40 people, including Commonwealth Games athletes, journalists, and others, have come in over the last 10 days looking for visas they can apply for and how they can stay in Australia,” said Jim MacAnally, an office administrator for Ready Migration.

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In the meantime, about 50 others who have officially overstayed their visas by May 15th are still unaccounted for. Australian officials are presently on the lookout for them.

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When popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji announced her pregnancy, several fans questioned her previous preachings on celibacy. Linda reacted with the following tweets, which she later deleted.
Here is how Linda announced her pregnancy on Instagram:
“My greatest dream has been realized. I’m going to be a mum. There’s nothing that has happened in my life that compares to this. I’m beyond happy. I love children so much and literally obsessed with babies and to think in a few months, I’ll look down at a baby and he will be mine. My own son. 
No accomplishment, no title, no milestone, no achievement, no money or worldly possession compares to this. This is my greatest blessing. My gift from heaven. Dear God, thank you so much for this gift! Thank you! I wrote a piece on my blog about finding out I was pregnant early this year and all the emotions I’ve felt since then. You can go read it if you want. Thank you so much for all your well wishes. I appreciate your love and kindness.
May God visit everyone for whatever their hearts desires are. May all your prayers be answered. God bless.”

Drama erupted at a wedding in Ruiru, Kenya on April 28, 2018, when the groom’s ex-wife shows up with her daughter and her sister. 

Elizabeth Wairimu said she was married to the groom for 13 years.


She accused the groom of infecting her with HIV virus and of domestic abuse. 

The incident happened at St Mathews ACK Church.

Nigerian Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Kpotun Idris, was unable to read his speech in Kano.

A woman shows up at a Kenyan wedding, claiming to be the groom’s wife of 13 years.

Julius Malema of South Africa says Nigerians don’t take nonsense from others. Do you agree?

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Stakeholders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Imo State have disowned Governor Rochas Okorocha, saying he is now politically irrelevant in their determination to rescue the party from imminent collapse in the state.

They emphasized the Okorocha has lost the anointing of God, that of the market women, the Church, and the people in general.

They questioned Okorocha’s source of money to build hotels, houses, statues and declared he will no longer win the election even in his own constituency.
They also urged others to stand as men and no longer support Okorocha.

Some suspected killers and cultists arrested in Kwara State have named the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, Gov. Abdulfatah Ahmed, and others as sponsors who ordered them to kill many Kwara indigenes at home and abroad.

The Senate President raised an alarm on this issue, saying the suspects have been transferred to Abuja by the Inspector General of Police in order to implicate him and tarnish his image. He alleged that the IGP is forcing the arrested suspects to implicate him, adding that the case should be concluded in Ilorin. See video below:

Meanwhile, the suspects told police they have been on the payroll of Kwara State Government for years. The leader of the killer squad is the son of popularly known and controversial Magaji Nda, Alhaji Salihu Woru, a self-appointed spokesperson of the Ilorin Emirate Magajis who is currently on suspension. He claimed he is placed on salary Grade Level 16, while his colleagues are on Levels 10 to 15.

In addition, the suspects claimed they were being paid from the Office of the Senate President, adding that they were given Toyota Corolla cars a few months ago to secure their loyalty ahead of the 2019 elections.

Police confirmed that bank statements retrieved from the suspects indicated that they received money on a monthly basis from Saraki and the Kwara State government. However, they’re yet to make the bank statements public.

In the video below, the IGP reacts to Saraki’s allegations:

Nigerian Inspector-General of police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris, appears to be struggling to read a speech in the video below.

The IGP was in Kano on Monday to commission the police technical intelligence unit.

The IGP could be seen repeating transmission, and commission severally.

“All effective the transmission, other transmissions, I can state without contradiction that I have commissioned what?” He said.

Later he apologized to his audience.

“Sorry, I’m sorry please,” he said.

Eventually, a man in black suit joins him to read and dictate the speech to the IGP, which he repeated to the audience. However, he still didn’t get it right.
“Over transmission of, over transmission of, overall kidnapping, armed robbery and other heinous crimes, I mean, ehm, commission transmission, recommendation transmission,” he said.

In the past, the IGP has delivered speeches successfully, as seen in the video below

Watch the full video below:

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is back from his fifth medical tourism to London.

Meet 34-year-old Nigerian born doctor in Texas, Foyekemi Ikyaator, who opened an emergency room service in Houston.

Gambian President Adama Barrow builds himself a house, barely a year after assuming office.

Soldiers in Cameroon are chasing English speakers from their homes as Paul Biya celebrates his 85th birthday