On Tuesday, November 13, the Egyptian Ministry of Transport announced the death of a man who jumped from a moving train.

However, the twenty-four-year-old Ahmed Mabrouk allegedly jumped from the moving train to avoid paying a fine for smoking.

Moreover, Mabrouk was asked to pay 70 Egyptian pounds ($4.33) for smoking inside the train.

He refused and jumped from the train, while it was in motion.

Meanwhile, the forensic report shows that he died as a result of fractures to the skull.

In short, he also died because of internal bleeding in the brain and fractures of the ribs.

A Nigerian Prophet, popularly known as TB Joshua visits South Sudan on Tuesday, November, 12.

Meanwhile, Joshua claimed that President Kiir invited him to come and pray for peace, and deliver a prophet message to the nation.

Moreover, President Salva Kir Mayardit and senior government officials welcomed him at the Juba International Airport.

However, in his prophetic message at the presidential palace in Juba on Tuesday.

Joshua called the South Sudan leaders to overcome their differences for peace to reign.

In essence, Joshua said, “Time has come for us to overcome our division, for us to put behind us our differences”.

“There is no more time for us; God wants to move the nation forward”.

Although South Sudan is blessed with many natural resources, the citizens are scattered all over the world.

In fact, the prophet said South Sudanese are intelligent, hardworking and ambitious people.

He urged leaders to resolve their differences so that their citizens can come back to develop their fatherland.

Above all, Joshua said that the plan of God would happen over the nation.

Following its Independence in 2011, South Sudan descended into civil wars.

About 400,000 people have died and more than 4 million displaced.

However, TB Joshua gained prominence in South Sudan for his prophecy of a failed coup attempt against President Kir before the conflict erupted in 2013.

The Security Service has been accused of offering a bribe to shelve a protest demanding the release of Sowore.

However, a political activist, Deji Adeyanju made the accusation on Tuesday, November 12 in Abuja.

Moreover, Adeyanju displayed N1 million cash he claimed the SSS agents offered him at a gunpoint to call off the protest.

In short, the activist-led several other protesters to the headquarters of the SSS in Abuja on Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, the protesters asked that the SSS comply with a Federal Court order for Sowore’s release from custody.

Recall that a Federal High Court granted him bail last month.

Besides, the court accused Sowore of treason, and defamation of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In all, the SSS has refused to release him even though he has met bail conditions.

Sowore’s Lawyer, Femi Falana had earlier accused the SSS of plotting to file additional charges against Sowore so they could continue to keep him in their custody.

Consequently, Adeyanju held a sit-in outside SSS headquarters on Sunday to demand his release.

After all, the police ignored the protests.

Adeyanju returned with activists to demand the release of Sowore, thus, displaying N1 million naira he claimed the SSS gave him to stop the protest.

One of the vehicles involved in the collision

At least ten people sustained injuries when two vehicles collided in Durban, South Africa.

However, the incident occurred on the M41 opposite Cornubia Mall, North of Durban on Sunday, November 3.

Moreover, Netcare 911 confirmed the incident saying it responded to reports of a collision at 8:39 am.

The accident involves a light delivery vehicle and a light motor vehicle.

Consequently, ten people sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate.

The Netcare 911 treated the victims at the scene until they stabilized.

Afterward, they were taken to the hospital.

At least thirteen people have lost their lives in a road accident on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Moreover, the incident occurred on Wednesday, November 13, around Saapade, near Ogere on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Meanwhile, the Spokesperson, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Ogun, Florence Okper confirmed the accident.

However, Okper in a statement said the crash occurred around 5 pm at Saapade.

The accident also injured ten people comprising of four male adults, and six female adults.

Whereas, the accident involved a Mazda bus KTU 93XW, a Toyota bus KEY 84 XA and a man diesel truck KAB 97 XA.

The accident occurred where the construction company currently working on the rehabilitation of the corridor (RCC) created a diversion.

A speeding truck heading towards Lagos suddenly suffered a tyre burst.

Consequently, the truck collided head-on with two other speeding commuter buses heading to Ibadan.

Besides, one of the vehicles also attempted to overtake wrongfully, within the diversion area.

In addition, the accident involved thirty-seven people, comprising twenty male adults, fifteen female adults, and two female children.

The thirteen dead victims comprise of four male adults, seven female adults, and two female children.

Finally, bodies of the dead victims have been deposited at the Ipara Mortuary while the injured are receiving treatment at Victory Hospital, Ogere.

The FRSC official said the relatives of the victims should contact the office on its toll-free number 122 for further inquiry.

At least twenty people have lost their lives in a trailer accident in Yola, Adamawa State.

In brief, a trailer loaded with farm produce overran several tricycles, popularly known as Keke Napep.

However, the incident occurred on Tuesday, November 12 at Vinikling Bridge (Hayin Gada) in Yola.

Moreover, residents said that the police caused the accident.

They alleged that the police were pursuing the truck driver for refusing to give them money.

Another resident, Malam Umar Shehu said the police were chasing the truck for carrying good suspected to be foreign rice.

Unfortunately, when the police later checked the truck, they saw farm produce, not foreign rice.

Shehu added that he participated in the evacuation of the corpses to hospitals in Yola.

Meanwhile, all efforts to get the Police Public Relations Officer, Othman Abubakar to speak on the accident, was futile.

Authorities in Zimbabwe said that hundreds of animals have died due to a severe drought in the past two months.

Moreover, about two hundred animals have died in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe National Park, and Wild Life Management Authority.

However, the authority is planning for a mass relocation of the animals to limit future deaths.

Meanwhile, the situation can only improve if it rains in the region.

Most of the animals died in a desperate attempt to locate food and water.

Whereas, some animals have strayed away from park into nearby communities.

Ethiopia’s cabinet has approved a bill that aims to prevent hate speech and the dissemination of fake news.

Moreover, the bill’s official name is Computer Crime Proclamation.

The bill will be sent to the parliament, the House of People’s Representative (HOPR) for final approval.

Although, Ethiopia’s council of ministers has approved it over the weekend.

Whereas, the Attorney General of the country drafted the bill.

Besides, the statement issued by the council explains that the nation cannot address problems arising from hate speech and fake news.

The Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed implemented a reform agenda to open up Ethiopia since coming to power.

Recall that Abiy won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for scrapping bans on opposition and rebel group.

In addition, he also purged allegedly corrupt officials and ended two decades of acrimony with neighboring Eritrea.

With the expansion of social media, the contents of hate speech and tribalism/racism are on the rise.

Consequently, some people advised for serious measures and striker legislation to contain the damage it may cause, hence, the bill.

Zambia President Edgar Lungu on his 63rd birthday has pardoned three high profile prisoners.

However, the presidency releases a statement confirming the release of the five prisoners.

Meanwhile, Lungu picked the prisoners he released from various correctional facilities.

Moreover, the prisoners pardoned include a former minister, a journalist and an ex-air force commander.

In essence, the statement reads in part as follows:

“The president has pardoned Chief Molunge, Former Minister in the movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMO) Government, Maxwell Mwale, Journalist Derrick Sinjela, Afunba Mombotwa, and Christopher Singogo, Former Zambian Commander.

“The President’s action is in line with article 97 of the constitution of Zambia chapter (1) of the laws of Zambia which provides for president pardon and substitution of severe punishments imposed on the convicted”.

Besides, the president hinted about the release of the proprietor of Rainbow Newspaper last week.

After all, Lungu promised to review Sinjela’s sentence while speaking with journalists during a media conference at the Presidency.

Occasionally, most Presidents across Africa offered pardon to certain categories of convicts, especially during the Independence Day commemoration.

In some cases, sentences are reduced and death sentences are commuted to life imprisonment.

On Sunday, November 10, Police in Uganda said that two Ugandans had been killed by Rwandan security forces.

Moreover, the incident occurred around 8 pm, on Saturday at Tabagwe village in Nyagatare district in Rwanda.

However, the two Ugandans allegedly smuggled tobacco to Rwanda.

Recall that the political tension between the two countries climaxed in February when Rwanda closed its border and blocked all goods from Uganda.

Apparently, the two Ugandans smuggled the tobacco because of the closed border.

Police Spokesperson of Uganda’s Kigezi region Elly Mate confirmed the incident stating that they are still investigating the case.

Besides, the Ugandans were five in number; the security forces killed two while three escaped.

Therefore, the authorities have identified the deceased as Byarushaga Job and Tuhirirwe Bosco.

The surviving Ugandan reported the case to the Ugandan police force.

In recent months, there have been numerous such cases of shooting by Rwandan security deployed, along with the border points with Uganda.

Nigerian immigration has confirmed the registration of one hundred eighty-five foreigners residing illegally in Jigawa.

However, Spokesperson of Jigawa State commands, Malam Fa’izu Ibrahim told reporters in Dutse, the state capital.

Moreover, Ibrahim urged every foreigner living in the state to go and register before the deadline.

According to him, any foreigner who refuses to register will serve a jail term of three years or pay a fine of five hundred thousand naira.

Meanwhile, registration is a must for all the foreigners from eighteen years and above.

Whereas, the registration is majorly at the state headquarters, only for the moment.

In addition, he assures citizens that the exercise will be extended to the local government area.

Besides, any foreigner who refuses to register, latest by 12th of January, 2020 will be deported by the government.

The registration exercise focus on enhancing National security.

The Federal government said N2,000 would be enough to provide for healthcare of each of the estimated 200 million Nigerians in the year 2020.

Meanwhile, this is according to the meager N427.3 billion being budgeted for healthcare in the proposed 2020 national budget.

However, the budget includes the salaries of all health workers in the ministry of health.

It also includes the fueling of the ambulance and the generating plants along with the rehabilitation and construction of new hospitals.

It as well covers drugs for Malaria, polio, child vaccination, tuberculosis, meningitis, HIV/AIDS and cancer diagnosis machines.

Whereas, the list continues to even health research training and health promotion.

The representative of Nigeria Vice President, Yemi Osinbanjo organized an event of stakeholders in the health sector about three weeks ago.

In addition, health and gander experts, Dr. Chiedo Nwankwo explained that Nigeria had failed, to adequately fund the health sector.

Members of House of Representatives earlier, warning of a possible outbreak of Ebola in Nigeria.

This is because of the porousness of Nigeria’s borders and proximity to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

An unnamed lady has been arrested at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos on the evening of Thursday, November 8.

Moreover, the security operatives arrested the twenty-four-year-old lady after causing a fire on Azman flight.

However, the passengers went to the plane’s toilet after takeoff to burn incense.

Azman flight 2Q2323 LOS ETD bound for Abuja has 135 passengers and six crew on board when the incident occurred.

Meanwhile, the passengers notified the pilot who disregarded it.

Consequently, the toilet was engulfed by the fire said to be caused by her pouring hot coals from a shisha.

Passengers became scared and could not contain their fear and shock.

By and large, smoke detector alerted the crew and fire extinguisher was used to contain the fire.

In this case, many passengers refused to continue the journey with the same aircraft.

After all, Firefighters have already surrounded where the plain will land as at the time the aircraft return to the airport.

The Director of Consumer Protection, NCM Adamu Abdulahi confirmed the incident.

Therefore, passengers called for the arrest of the pilot for disregarding the initial reports from them.

The Catholic Church on two nuns, who just returned from Africa, has launched an investigation.

However, the two nuns returned to Italy pregnant after a missionary trip to Africa through different orders in Sicily.

A 34-year-old woman got to know she was pregnant when she went to the hospital with stomach pain.

Consequently, the church transferred her immediately to a different order in Palermo.

She would have to leave monastic life to raise the child.

Similarly, the other woman, who is a mother superior, went back to her country of Madagascar after realizing she was one month pregnant.

They both breached strict rules of chastity but the welfare of their children is the most important.

The Catholic Church is still investigating the matter.

China has launched Sudan’s first-ever satellite for conducting research in military economic and space technology.

Moreover, Sudan’s Sovereign Council, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan announced the launch of the satellite in a meeting of his top security officials held in Khartoum.

However, the launching took place in north China’s Shanxi Province on Sunday, November 3.

In brief, the satellite aims to develop research in space technology and acquire data.

In addition, the satellite also aims to discover natural resources for the country’s military needs.

The Spokesperson of the ruling body, Mohammed al-Fakhri Sulaiman confirmed the launching.

“In a few months, the satellite would be monitored from Sudan,” said Sulaiman.

Above all, Sudan ousted leader, Omar al-Bashir established the Institute of Space Research and Aerospace (ISRA).

Notably, the ISRA is part of an overall plan to develop space technology in Sudan.

Besides, the army ousted Bashir in April after a nationwide protest movement against his rule of three decades.

The economic crisis led by the acute shortage of foreign currency and high inflation triggered the protest.

China launched the satellite because it is a partnership in the project.

Lightning struck the northern Uganda district of Pader on Thursday, November 7, killing six people.

However, the lightning left eleven others critically injured.

Meanwhile, the Police Commander, Tom Bainomugisha confirmed the incident.

Moreover, a group of people gathered under a big tree when the lightning struck during a morning drizzle.

In fact, the group had spent the night in prayers for a bereaved person when the incident occurred.

Recall that the weather department in the country earlier warned citizens to be careful as some parts of the country are likely to face flooding, lightning, and mudslides.

Although, lightning is common in the region.

Four farmers died by lightning in the southwestern district of Kanungu in September this year.

Dangote has established a N3billion tomato processing company in Kano.

However, the Managing Director of Dangote tomato processing plant, Mr. Abdulkarim Lawal Kaita confirmed the establishment.

Moreover, the newly established N3bn high-tech greenhouse nursery is capable of producing between 300-350 million tons of hybrid tomato seedlings.

Meanwhile, the fully automated farm is the largest and first of its kind in Africa.

The company’s new investment is capable of stopping the over $350 million federal government spent annually to import processed tomatoes.

Besides, the farm is expected to enhance the economy of the local tomato farmers in the country.

Subsequently, technology is also expected to increase their harvest from the current 10 tons per acre to 40 tons per acre.

Equally, the greenhouse nursery will increase the production and quality of tomatoes seedlings.

As a matter of fact, it will also support farmers for the production of fresh tomatoes and locally made pastes.

Kaita discloses that the company aimed at making Nigeria self-sufficient in tomatoes production.

Additionally, he confirms that the country consumes 2.3 million tons of tomato paste, however, the company is capable of producing eight million tons annually.

Finally, the country will make more money on foreign exchange.

At least three gold miners died after a mine caved in on Thursday, October 10.

However, the accident occurred in Nango, Bonde, Siaya County in Kenya after a heavy downpour on Thursday morning.

Moreover, Bondo Sub County Police Commander, Anthony Wafula confirmed the incident.

According to Wafula, victims including an Egerton University, Nakuru campus student – David Ochieng Duro, a Kenya certificate of secondary education at Uyawi Secondary school – Nicholas Arwa and a secondary school student – Kevin O Ochieng’ Juma.

Furthermore, investigations have commenced into the accident

“ Mines in the area will be closed until all the safety measures are adhered to” Said Wafula.

Recently, the government sent a directive stopping all mining activities at the Nango site due to safety.

Armed attackers killed ten people, including seven women in a raid on a village in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

The armed attackers also kidnapped two others during the raid.

Moreover, the attackers stormed the village of Kokola in Beni territory on Monday, November 3.

However, a local official, Donat Kibwana accused the fighters of allegedly belonging to a rebel group ADF for the attack.

Meanwhile, the rebel group known as the Allied Democratic Force ADF is originally from Uganda.

The ADF started operating along the DRC –Uganda border for over two decades.

According to Kibwana, the mode of the attack is similar to that of the ADF.

A source said the rebels took advantage when the army went into the deep forest to launch a large-scale operation.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed the previous attacks even though the ADF is not known to have pledged loyalty to ISIL.

The rebels got away with livestock including goats and chickens during the raid.

Between June 2017 and June 2019, armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s eastern Kivu Province has killed 1,900 civilians and abducted more than 3,300 others.

Part of the Balogun market, known for its wide selection of colorful Nigerian fabrics was gutted in a fire on Tuesday, November 5.

Moreover, the incident happened in the morning and continued until mid-day.

By mid-day, the fire had engulfed four-story buildings on the edge of the market.

Although the government and the firefighters intervened, some traders lamented the inability of the firefighters to put out the fire.

Meanwhile, traders occupying nearby buildings quickly evacuated their shops as the fire spread.

However, the General Manager of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) Dr. Femi Osanyintolu confirmed the incident.

In Addition, Osanyintolu assured the citizens that the firefighters would put out the fire as soon as possible.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.