At least twenty people lost their lives in an attack at a gold mine site in Northern Burkina Faso.

Moreover, the incident occurred on Friday in the northern province of Soum.

However, several people sustained injuries, hence, the majority of the victims are the gold miners.

Meanwhile, since 2015, inter-ethnic violence is on the increase in the West African nations.

Many of the attacks in the past have been attributed to a group affiliated with al-Qaeda or ISIS.

In addition, hundreds of people have died while thousands have fled their homes this year due to rising attacks by armed groups.

At least, more than 4,000 people have died in Congo this year in the world’s largest measles outbreak.

Moreover, the United Nations Children Agency confirmed the figure on Wednesday, October 9.

However, the Ebola outbreak has also killed about half that number since August 2018 in Congo.

Meanwhile, over 200,000 cases of measles has been reported across Congo since January.

According to UNICEF, more than 140,000 deaths involve children under 5 years of age.

By and large, children make up nearly 90 percent of deaths recorded.

The UNICEF Country Representative, Edouard Beigbeder said millions of Congolese children miss routine immunization.

In like manner, the majority of children lack access to health care when they fall sick.

Congo’s weak health system, insecurity and community mistrust of vaccines added to the situation.

Vaccinators and logistical challenges also contributed to a huge number of unvaccinated children at risk of contracting the disease.

The Uganda Airline has confirmed the purchase of two additional Bombardier CJR 900 aircraft.

However, the two planes arrived at Entebbe International Airport on Monday, October 7, increasing the number of CJR 900 aircraft to four.

Moreover, the airline receives the two CRJ 900 planes from Canadian manufacturer Bombardier.

Importantly, the Uganda government paid Shs280 billion ($74.8 million) for the two planes through a supplementary budget approved by the Parliament.

Furthermore, the airline is considering expanding its destination to Kinshasa, Zanzibar, Lukasa, Asmara, Hargeisa, Djibouti and Addis Ababa.

Meanwhile, the revived airline will be the first carrier to operate the new CJR-series atmosphere Cabin in Africa.

In addition, the Uganda Airlines will operate the CJR 900 in dual-class configuration with a 76-economy seat and 12 first-class seats.

Besides, the State minister for works, Gen Katumbe Wamala, other government, and aviation officials inspected the new planes upon arrival.

The airline, which was founded in 1976 by former president Idi Amin, was liquidated in 2001 during a push to privatize state firms.

Finally, Uganda airline was relaunched in August, hoping to compete with established companies in the region’s aviation sector.

Several people in Bulambuli district have been rendered homeless due to flash floods caused by heavy rains.

Moreover, the affected areas are homes in Bunangaka, Bufuhula, Nabongo, and Bufumbula.

Other places affected are Buwakol and Bumasoho parishes in Nabongo sub countries.

However, the Bulambuli district environment department said floods hit Sisyi, Simu, and Bulaago.

Bukaalu, Muyembe and Nabongo sub countries were also affected by the flood on Sunday, October 6.

The floods have as well killed many livestock, destroyed gardens, roads, and cut bridges.

The floods became serious after the heavy rain that pounded the area for more than three days.

According to residents, some of the water flowed from the stone quarrying sites belonging to Kampala and Toronto cement factories.

Residents claimed some of the ditches used as far back as 1998 have now turned into man-made lakes covering over 10 acres of land.

The floods made the soils soft and the area became susceptible to flooding more, especially when it rains.

The people have severally appealed to the authorities to fill up the open ditches for four years.

Although the Bunangaka Parish Councilor, Moses Wakonelo blames the flooding on poor farming methods in the district.

He added that people have cultivated up to the riverbanks, thus, making it hard for them to hold water.

On Wednesday, October 2, twenty-two passengers including a Journalist and staff of Vanguard media limited, Geoffrey Bivre narrowly escaped death.

However, the incident happened at the Agbara area en route Liverpool, Apapa, Lagos.

The boat capsized in the middle of the lagoon and threw all its occupants into the water.

Fortunately, nobody died in the accident, which included two women.

Moreover, the accident was because of the excessive speeding and carelessness of the boat pilot.

Although, the passengers cautioned him but he disregarded all pleas to reduce the speed of the boat.

Bivre said, he left home on Wednesday, and as usual, he headed for the Jetty to take a boat heading to Liverpool.

A young man in his 20’s or early 30’s was the pilot and they took off from the Jetty exactly 10 am.

Initially, it was a smooth ride until another boat overtook the pilot in the Ojo area.

Apparently, the pilot felt embarrassed by his slow movement and he suddenly increases his speed, pursuing the boat that overtook him.

Nevertheless, Passengers kept quiet until the driver became obsessed with the pursuit.

The passengers cautioned the driver to take it easy but he would not listen, hence, disregarding the call for caution.

As he wanted to maneuver the boat after Alakija, the boat capsized and threw its entire occupant into the water.

Then the Navy Officials on drill nearby and other boats around came to the rescue.

In fact, the twenty-three passengers, including the driver, came out alive because they had a life jacket on.

Above all, Bivire called on both Federal and State governments to launch 24 hours patrol of the rescue team on waterways.

He added that this would help save lives during emergencies.

On Sunday, October 6, One peacekeeper was killed when their convoy struck an explosive device in Aguelhok in the northern region of Kidal.

Moreover, the UN Mission MINUSMA confirmed the incident adding that four others sustained injuries.

However, a separate attack occurred in the central country and a peacekeeper from Togo was seriously injured.

Meanwhile, in this case, an unidentified gunman assaulted a temporary UN operating base in Bandiagara in Mali’s central region.

MINUSMA Chief (Mahamat Saleh) strongly condemns the recent attacks, particularly in the center of the country.

Recall that, less than a week ago, thirty-eight Malian soldiers died in a double attack in two army camps in central Mali.

Mali has been in conflict since 2012 when Islamists hijacked an ethnic uprising by Tuaregs in the North.

Recently, the violence has moved to central Mali where fighting between farmers and herders has also surged this year.

The Oromo community in Ethiopia celebrated its annual spring season festival of Irreecha.

However, the celebration is being held in its capital for the first time in its one hundred and fifty years of celebration.

Moreover, many Oromo leaders argued that Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia is part of their territory.

Freshly cut grass and flowers are placed in water to thank God for the end of the rainy season and the beginning of spring.

Hundreds of people flood the streets, including Addis Ababa’s main public area, Meskel Square.

Equally, People sang and waved flags and flowers.

Meanwhile, the Ethiopians have been celebrating the annual festival in Bishofu, 40km (25 miles) away.

In addition, the move to the capital, surrounded by Oromia is seen as a recognition of Oromo culture by the authorities.

Whereas, some say it is an attempt by the ruling party to cultivate popular support ahead of the coming election.

Importantly, the celebration aimed at bringing different traditions together.

It is also an avenue for people to wear their traditional costumes.

Unidentified assailants have killed eight people in Rwanda on Friday, October 4.

Moreover, the incident occurred in Rwanda’s northern area, near the volcanoes National park, popular with tourists for its mountain gorillas.

However, the criminals attacked the Kinigi sector in Musanza district with mostly, traditional weapons.

Meanwhile, the assailant killed six people with traditional weapons and two were shot dead.

Police Spokesperson John Bosco Kabera confirmed the incident in a statement adding that eighteen people sustained injuries.

The security personnel is still searching for the people responsible for the killings.

Although, the police are yet to confirm if any tourist died in the attack.

Nevertheless, it was not clear who the attackers were and where they came from.

Thirty-six cases of yellow fever have been recorded in Katsina State.

However, The deputy governor of Katsina State Mannir Yakubu confirmed the cases.

In addition, he confirmed the cases while speaking at the flag-off vaccination against the disease.

Moreover, the flag-off vaccination program was part of measures taken by the administration to check the spread.

Meanwhile, the government is targeting on vaccinating seven million people.

“ Yellow fever is a serious infectious disease transmitted by specific kind of infected mosquitoes”.

Furthermore, he urged residents between the ages of 9 months and 44 years to come for the vaccination at no cost.

Importantly, he called on traditional and religious leaders to sensitize members of their communities.

Finally, members of the community should know the best way to guard against the outbreak of diseases.

On Monday, September 30, Jihadist in Somalia carried out two separate attacks in Somalia.

Moreover, the Jihadist attacked a United State Military base in the Southern Lower Shabelle Region of the country.

Two cars packed with explosives were driven towards the Balegdole Airbase before being denotated at its gate.

However, the Jihadist and the Military, exchanged gunfire as the Jihadist tried to breach the base.

Similarly, In a second attack, they targeted a European peacekeeping envoy from Italy in the capital of Mogadishu.

The Jihadist hit the convoy with an explosive, thus, no casualty recorded.

The Al-Shabab, Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-linked insurgent group claimed responsibility for the attacks.

“ After breaching the perimeters of the heavily fortified base, the Mujahideen (holy warriors) stormed the military complex, engaging the crusaders in an intense firefight”. Said Al-Shabab.

In addition, the United States Ambassador to Somalia Office confirmed the attack but denied that entry was made into the airbase.

The United States commends the Somali security forces for repelling the attack against the Somali National Army Base.

The United States Ambassador’s statement also confirmed that there were no injuries in either attack.

The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari and his counterpart president Cyril Ramaphosa have signed thirty trade and cooperation agreements.

However, the agreements were signed after the end of a two-day visit by Buhari.

Recall that in September, there was a wave of violence against Nigerian nationals in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Consequently, violence has strained relations between the two African countries.

Meanwhile, in September, a Mob armed with makeshift weapons attacked business and homes owned by foreigners.

In response, Nigerians destroyed and burn down South African shops and businesses in Nigeria.

At least, ten people died, dozens were injured and up to four hundred arrested.

Furthermore, both presidents said they regretted the violence and pledge instead to deepen trade ties.

Moreover, Ramaphosa stated that the two countries had sealed thirty-two bilateral agreements and memoranda of understanding.

“ As the government of South Africa, we have expressed our deep regret at the attacks directed at foreign nationals and our condemnation of all forms of intolerance and acts of violence”.

Definitely, the agreements cover trade, industry, science and technology, defense, agriculture, and energy.

In fact, Nigerian accounts for 64 percent of South Africa’s total trade with the West African Region

Altogether, Nigeria is one of its largest trading partners on the continent.

Buhari, however, emphasized the need for the South Africa government to address anti-foreigner violence quickly.

Above all, Buhari said that concrete measures should be taken to prevent it from happening again.

The Nigerian Army stated that it has rescued some civilians from Boko Haram’s captivity.

Moreover, the army also recovers weapons from the insurgents during the attack in Gubio, Borno State.

The Army Operations Medical Coordinator, Aminu Iliyasu confirmed the incident in a statement in Abuja on Wednesday, October 2.

However, Iliyasu added that sector 3, supported by the Air task force of Operation Lafiya Dole successfully carry out the attack.

Hence, confirming that the rescued operation took place from Sunday to Tuesday.

One gun truck, two AK-47 rifles, and one anti-aircraft gun were recovered during the rescue.

Additionally, the army neutralized two insurgents and rescued fifty-one civilians held hostage by the criminals.

In like manner, the army also carried out clearance operations at Mada in Konduga Local Government Area of Borno State.

During the attack, the army arrested a pickup truck conveying three women, fifteen men, and three rustled cows.

Suspects claimed they were of the Shuwa extraction but unfortunately none of them could speak the language.

Meanwhile, one of the suspects and a non-governmental organization (NGO) in the state have been communicating on Whatsapp.

Nigerian Army is doing its best to ensure a peaceful and conducive atmosphere for all citizens.

At least three people have lost their lives in a car accident in Ondo State.

Moreover, the accident happened in the early hours of Friday, October, 4 along Oyemekun road in Akure city of Ondo.

However, the accident involving a Lexus car and a stationary truck.

The Lexus car, carrying five passengers was at high speed when it lost control.

Thereafter, the car collided with the stationary truck.

Subsequently, three passengers including the driver died instantly while the other two occupants were in critical condition.

The Ondo State Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Rotimi Adeleye confirmed the incident.

Furthermore, Adeleye stated that the command was alerted at about 5 am, thus, officials from the state command responded.

He also confirmed that the command has evacuated the victims and the car.

Meanwhile, investigations revealed that the occupants of the car were drunk.

Adeleye urged motorists and road users to always drive with caution.

At least eleven government officials have been arrested following the Statehouse anti-corruption investigations in Uganda.

However, Colonel Edith Nakalema, the head of the anti-corruption unit gave the order for their arrest.

Moreover, the anti-corruption unit launches an investigation into various allegations in the Moroto district local government and Moroto Regional referral hospital.

The officials include Dr. Philip Akungulu of Moroto regional referral hospital, Mr. Geofrey Mawa, Moroto Principle Administrator for Moroto regional referral hospital.

In addition, Mr. Otim Oleu, the hospital accountant, Ms. Joyce Falaya, hospital procurement officer, Ronald Opio – Hospital human resources, and Mr. Dennis Katinda – hospital human resources officer were arrested.

Other officers arrested including Moroto district planer – Opio Pola, district procurement officer Mr. Joseph Maruk, district internal auditor- Mr. Julius Ourum.

The unit arrested them because they failed to explain how they spent more than UGX 300 million meant for Moroto regional referral hospital.

The officials have also failed to explain why they spent UGX20 million to facilitate a match between the Moroto hospital and Soroti, yet the hospital was in darkness for two days.

Meanwhile, the anti-corruption unit added that the official refused to explain why they held two consecutive parties.

The unit arrested the district officer in charge of the crime desk for failing to play her role.

As she failed to arrest and close down the clinic when Dr. Philip Akungulu was accused of conducting an illegal operation, where he removed a woman’s uterus under unclear circumstances.

The officers were paraded before the public at the Moroto district chamber.

On Wednesday, October 2, Illegal gold mine collapses in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, killing twenty-one people.

However, the Minister of National solidarity and Human Action, Steve Mbikayi confirmed the incident.

Moreover, the accident happened at Kampen, 180 kilometers (110 miles) south of the town of Kindu.

In fact, Mbikayi added that three people also sustained serious injuries.

In brief, a civic society campaigner, Justin Kyanga said, twenty-one bodies have been recovered.

Meanwhile, Kyanga also said that the accident happened at around 2 pm when people were working at the site.

Accidents are common in Dr. Congo’s informal mining sector, especially in gold where safety is poor and risk-taking is high.

Recall that in June, More than forty illegal miners died at a copper concession in Kolwesi Southeastern DRC.

On Tuesday, October 1st, the Nigeria women Football (NWF) confirmed the death of two Nigerian footballers.

In brief, a car along the new stadium road, hit the footballers, Saturday Glory and Aniebet Ekong, and they died on the spot.

The incident occurred at Mopol Base, along Idoro Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, after their training.

Moreover, the Chairperson of the Nigeria Women’s Football League (NWFL) Aisha Falode confirmed the incident.

Falode, however, sympathized with the management and the officials of the club’.

“ It is with great sadness that we receive the news of the death of two young players of Pro-League side police Machine FC. Said Falode”.

“We are all devastated at this tragic passing of Glory Saturday and Aniebet Ekong.

“ The thoughts of everyone at the NWFL are with the families of the deceased, their friend, teammates, the management and everyone connected to the club at this difficult period”.

Meanwhile, the two players are already striving to gain promotion to the Nigeria Women’s Premier League (NWPL) next session.

In addition, they were already preparing to battle with Pelican Stars, Moje Queens FC, and Olori Babes.

They were also anticipating to battle for two tickets at the confluence stadium before they were killed.

The Nigerian Air Force has approved the appointment of Grace Tabawa Garba to the rank of an Air Warrant Officer.

Moreover, the Director of Public Relations and Information, Air Commodore Ibikunle Daramola confirmed the appointment on Tuesday, October 1st.

In essence, the Chief of Air Staff (CAS) Air Mashal Sadique Abubakar approved the appointment.

Meanwhile, The Nigerian Air Force promoted Garba from Master Warrant Officer (MWO) to an Air Warrant Officer (AWO).

However, with the new development, Garba happens to be the first female senior non-commissioned officer (SNCO) to be promoted to the highest rank in the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

By and large, the promotion demonstrates how committed the present NAF leadership is.

Obviously, they are paying attention to the empowerment of female personnel to realize their full potentials.

“It will also motivate and spur other women in the service to strive for excellence and aspire for such rare elevation”.

Garba is presently the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) of the NAF School of Medical Sciences and Aviation Medicine (NAFSMSAM) Kaduna State.

Come October 15, Garba will be decorated with the new rank.

At least twenty-five Malian Soldiers have died and sixty are still missing in Central Mali.

However, the incident happened on Monday, September 30, after suspected Jihadists attacked two Army camps.

Moreover, the two army camps, Boulkessy and Mondoro towns, the nearby border with Burkina Faso came under attack.

In response, the soldiers later gained control, hence, fifteen alleged Jihadist fighters also died in the assault.

The death toll is among the highest suffered by Malian forces this year as they struggle to contain militant groups with a link to al-Qaida or Islamic State.

Note that the assailants at Boulkessy are suspected members of Ansarul Islam, known as the G5 Sahel.

The G5 Sahel is a five-nation joint taskforce created in 2014 to tackle Jihadist violence in the region.

The Malian armed forces confirm that the provisional toll is twenty-five deaths, four injured and sixty missing.

Meanwhile, the authorities confirmed the attack but did not indicate the number of casualties.

Furthermore, the forces added that they lost some heavy equipment during the attack.

Consequently, the army launches a joint operation with forces from neighboring Burkina-Faso.

The French troops stationed in the region also joined the operation.

Finally, a local official previously confirmed the death of two civilians in Boulkessy.

A Moroccan journalist, Hajar Raissouni has been sentenced to one year in prison on charges of illegal abortion and premarital sex.

However, the government accused Raissouni of undergoing an illegal abortion after becoming pregnant while single.

The twenty-eight-year-old Journalist was jailed since August 31, after denying the allegation.

Moreover, she claimed she was married to her Sudanese fiancé Prof. Rifaat al-Amin under Islamic law.

Meanwhile, the fiance also received a one-year jail term.

Dr. Mohammed Jamal Belkeziz accused of terminating the pregnancy received two years jail term.

Furthermore, the government suspended him from practicing for two years upon release.

Additionally, two medical staff arrested with Belkeziz claimed they perform an emergency procedure on her to remove a blood clot.

The Moroccan authorities arrested the jounalist outside a clinic in Ramat along with her fiance on August 31, thus, forced to go through a medical examination.

Subsequently, the Journalist described the charges as fabricated and maintained that she never had an abortion.

The Moroccan authorities targeted Raissouni for her work with the Independent Moroccan Outlet Akhbar al-Yaoum.

As a journalist, she has won praise for her coverage of unrest in the country.

Although, abortions are illegal in Morocco, her arrest sparked a wave of pro-abortion protests across the country.

Many see her arrest as a serious blow to the progress of women’s rights in Morocco.

The Libyan Navy has rescued at least seventy-one illegal immigrants in about 120 kilometers east of the capital of Tripoli.

However, the incident happened on Sunday, September 29.

The Libyan Navy intercepted the illegal immigrants on a migrant boat in a Mediterranean sea, near the coastal city of Khoms following a distress call.

Moreover, the migrants were reportedly in distress for two days.

Meanwhile, a report earlier surfaced on Sunday that an inflatable boat carrying scores of migrants had capsized off the Libyan Coast.

Afterward, the Libyan Coast guards dispatched a boat to search for them.

At this time, the patrols managed to find the dinghy with seventy-one immigrants onboard.

The seventy-one immigrants consist of only men from Sudan 27, Egypt 15 Palestine and Syria 3, Pakistan 25.

The navy released the rescued migrants after a failed attempt to lodge them in the detention center.