Liberia Introduces Typhoid Vaccine For Children

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In an effort to counter typhoid, a disease said to be endemic in Liberia with more than 7,400 cases annually, the government has introduced a vaccine for the first time this month in its regular child inoculations, according to Adolphus Clarke, the country’s Program Manager for National Immunization at the Ministry of Health. 

“Typhoid has become a disease of concern. If you go to a hospital you are either diagnosed with typhoid or malaria,” says Clarke, adding that this new vaccination campaign is targeting more than one million children between nine months and 14 years old.    

Newsmen said statistics show that the majority of the country’s typhoid cases are among children under 15 years of age.

“There will be a mop-up exercise that will last for three to four days to ensure that we are able to capture and cover everyone that we are targeting in Liberia,” he says.  

According to Clarke, preliminary data shows that a little more than 557,890 children under 14 years of age have been vaccinated since the launch of the vaccine campaign on 6 April.

Some parents, however, do not feel the need to have their children vaccinated, like Teresa Wilson, 35, a resident of central Monrovia, one of a few skeptical parents.  

“I cannot allow my children to take the vaccine because I don’t have enough information. Yesterday we heard the government giving people Covid-19 vaccine, then today we are hearing about typhoid vaccines,” she says.  

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