57 Ordered To Do Community Service For Flouting COVID-19 Protocol

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Fifty-seven Kenyans who flouted Covid-19 public health measures have been ordered to clean streets and markets in the capital, Nairobi, for a week as part of community service punishment.

The 57 were arraigned in court on Monday and released on a community service order.

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS), which runs the capital city, stated that they will be expected to work from 08:00-17:00 local time (05:00-1400 GMT) every day for a week.

The work includes cleaning up the main farm produce markets of Marikiti and Muthurua markets in the city, as well as the often filthy Nairobi River.

“Police will re-arrest and arraign in court those who do not abide for a stiffer punishment,” NMS stated.

Wearing face masks in public spaces is still mandatory in Kenya although there is laxity in adherence.

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