Mandela: Forever Celebrated

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31 years ago, February 11, marks the day South African icon Nelson Mandela walked through Victor Verster Prison gate to freedom after having been imprisoned for 27 years.

A prison sentence that the lawyer and social activist had received — along with several others including Andrew Mlangeni and Govan Mbeki, for leading the movement to end the racist, brutal and segragative apartheid regime in the country. A freedom fighter to the highly oppressive white-supremacist system that existed in South Africa for some 50 years.

‘Madiba’ as he his popularly called, Mandela became the nation’s first black President of South Africa in 1994 and since then — until his passing at 95 years old in 2013 and after is passing, so many people around the world in South African, on the rest of the continent and abroad, have paid their respects to him by way of various tributes.

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