East Africa

Flood Kills 28 In Illegal Moroccan Textile Industry

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Local media has quoted a medical official saying that at least 28 people were killed in a flood in an illegal, underground textile factory.

Water poured into the basement area beneath a private house in Tangier.

It was gathered that ten people were rescued, while rescuers searched for others that might have been trapped. The number of workers at the site wasn’t immediately known.

A shaken unidentified woman who emerged from the flooded basement told TanjaNews, a local site, that no one was prepared for the deadly deluge.

There was nothing to worry about. We were working as usual,” the woman said. “And then because it was raining, as you can see … the water started entering, a little water, even my shoes didn’t get wet. But suddenly …” She couldn’t finish her sentence.

Morocco has been experiencing heavy rains in recent weeks and blocked drains often flooding gets worse in the cities.

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