Donald Trump Is a Failed Leader – Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger,Hollywood star and former Governor of California, has described President Donald Trump as the worst President ever in US history.

In a video shared on Sunday on his Instagram page, he said while comparing the riot at the US Capitol which Trump incited, to Kristallnacht, the night in November 1938 when Nazi thugs attacked Jewish Germans and their property.

The actor said the incident at the US Capitol trampled the very principles on which the country was founded.

He described Trump as a failed leader, he said, he has taken solace in the fact that Trump’s presidency would soon be over and be as irrelevant as an old tweet.

He is a failed leader. Trump will go down in history as the worst president ever. The good thing is he soon will be as irrelevant as an old tweet.

Also to those who think they can overturn the United States Constitution, know this: You will never win,” he said.

The actor criticised the US President over his several unfounded claims of election fraud, said American democracy is like a weapon.

Our democracy is like the steel of this sword. The more it is tempered, the stronger it becomes.

Wednesday was the Day of Broken Glass right here in the US. The broken glass was in the windows of the US Capitol.

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