COVID-19; Lagos State Accredits Three Private Hospitals For Treatment

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Lagos Commissioner for Health, Akin Abayomi has made known during a press briefing the accreditation of three private hospitals in the state for the treatment and management of coronavirus cases.

“They have passed the biosecurity compliance test. They have made modifications to their hospitals so that their staff and other patients are not put in danger or exposed to a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. Those private hospitals have passed the test and we are just in the process of issuing them with accreditation certificates so that they can start managing COVID19 patients in the private sector. However, even if they are managing COVID19 in the private sector, it still comes under the supervision of the Lagos State Government Ministry of Health. Also, information about every patient managed by the hospitals must be made available to us so that we can record it in our database. COVID-19 remains a public crisis and all public crises are managed and supervised by the Lagos state government and by extension the federal government of Nigeria,” he stated.

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