COVID-19: It Will Only Take A Miracle For COVID-19 To Disappear – Pastor Adeboye

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Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Oversea of the Redemmed Christan Church of God said that the COVID-19 pandemic will totally disappear only by a miracle.

The clergy disclosed this during his ministration, on Dove television. He added that the pandemic will subside soon.

Pastor Adeboye maintained that by the grace of God, as many as were children of God indeed would be exempted from calamity associated with COVID-19

He said, the coronavirus pandemic would not disappear completely but it would only subside. It is only a miracle that would cause the pandemic to disappear completely. God has told me that his children who worship him in truth would be exempted from calamity associated with the pandemic.

I told you that this year, the world will behave like a child in convulsion. I told you at the beginning of the year, even though I am not a prophet, but a Pastor. You will come out of this problem safe and sound, but you must take the step of faith”.

However, he said that good things could also come out of the pandemic, stressing that some families had also united and bonded during the lockdown.

Some people who did not have time for their families would now bond and have better relationships with their families. God can help you to fly over the challenges brought by the pandemic. All you need do is trust in God”, He added.

He also implore Nigerians to take a step of faith and believe that they will come out of the COVID-19 saga safe and sound.

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