US Citizens In Nigeria Are Warned Against Returning Home

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The US government in a statement published on their website, have advised its citizens in Nigeria against wanting to return home. It said the cost of such a trip would be borne by the citizens.

It also warned that health facilities in the United States were overwhelmed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

“ U.S. Embassy Abuja and U.S. Consulate Lagos would like potential evacuees to bear in mind the following considerations in determining if an evacuation flight is in the best interest of you and your family.

Expenses – This is a self-funded, one way flight to a single destination in the United States. All passengers must sign a promissory note and repay the full cost of their seat(s).

In addition, travelers are responsible for organizing and funding any travel to their final destination in the United States. All living expenses while in the United States, and any return travel to Nigeria.

Evacuation flights can range between $1,300 and $2,400 per person.

Healthcare – Healthcare systems in many localities in the United States are currently overwhelmed. If you need to seek medical care while in the United States, you will be responsible for all costs not covered by your insurance,” the statement read.

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