COVID-19: W.H.O Warns Africa Against Widespread Of Virus

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that Africa could become the next epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.

UN officials also say it is likely the pandemic will kill at least 300,000 people in Africa and push nearly 30 million into poverty.

Records in the past week in Africa has shown a sharp rise in coronavirus cases, with almost 1,000 deaths and almost 19,000 infections across Africa, so far much lower rates than in parts of Europe and the US.

The WHO says the virus appears to be spreading away from African capitals.

It has also highlighted that the continent lacks ventilators to deal with a pandemic.

Mentioning that, more than a third of Africa’s population lacks access to adequate water supplies and nearly 60% of urban dwellers live in overcrowded slums, which are conditions where the virus could thrive.

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