COVID-19: Spanish Mayor Resigns After Violating Curfew

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On Wednesday, a Deputy Mayor, announced that the Mayor of the Spanish coastal town of Badalona, resigned after he was arrested for violating the strict curfew imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus in Spain.

According to local media, Mayor Alex Pastor was travelling in a vehicle in Barcelona, not far from his town, and was unable to give reasons for his trip when the Police stopped him. He also refused a breathalyser test and in the process bit one of the officers.

Deputy Mayor, Ruben Guijarro, in a statement to his party, the Socialist Workers Party of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, Pastor also announced his resignation as Municipal Councillor.

The mayor, who is in police custody said all accusations made by the authorities were true.

The Head of the party’s branch in Catalonia Miquel Iceta stated that Pastor’s actions were incompatible as a public office holder and had demanded his resignation.

A strict curfew had been in place since March 15, whereby walking and driving for leisure and outdoor sports were strictly prohibited.

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