COVID-19: Kenyans To Return Home From China

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It has been announced that Kenyans wanting to return home from China will be able to do so next Friday. Although they will have to buy their own tickets which costs $750.

The Kenya Airways flight is scheduled to leave on 1 May from Guangzhou, the city which has become a community for Africans in China.

Recall that earlier this month, community leaders there disclosed that a major chunk of the city’s African population were forced into quarantine or were sleeping on the streets. Many of them said they faced discrimination amid fears that they were infected with coronavirus.

However, Kenya’s ambassador to China, Sarah Serem, reacted to the outrage on social media about the government’s handling of the affair. Denying that the embassy had ignored the plight of Kenyans in Guangzhou and said alternative accommodation had been arranged for those who needed it.

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