U. S Experience Lock Down To Curb The Spread Of Coronavirus

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As U.S. coronavirus cases increase, more efforts are bing imputed to prevent future spread of the virus. Presently U.S has at least 3,485 cases and 65 fatalities.

A preventative measure encouraged by health and government officials is Social distancing. This preventative measure is altering the way people in the U.S. eat, work, study and socialize.

President Trump officially declared the coronavirus outbreak a national emergency Friday, pledging $50 billion in federal funds to combat the virus.

Trump said private labs and vaccine developers would be provided millions of coronavirus tests within a month, including half a million this week.

On Saturday night, The White House announced that Trump had tested negative for the coronavirus. He was tested Friday night after recent contact with two people who have tested positive.

The president, speaking Friday at the Rose Garden event, had said of the outbreak: “This will pass. This will pass through, and we will be even stronger for it.”

A clinical trial for a vaccine to protect against the virus begins Monday. The first participant received an experimental dose, a government official told the news agency.

Healthy volunteers will get different doses of shots, which are developed by the National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc. The volunteers participating will not become infected because the shots do not contain the virus itself. He said

Along with sports leagues, museums and other cultural institutions, churches and mosques, synagogues and sanghas, temples and gurudwaras have temporarily closed to guard against spreading the virus.

Many Catholic parishes have suspended public mass, while other churches offered services online and on television. Episcopal congregants receiving Holy Communion over the weekend could choose not to dip the consecrated bread in a shared chalice, and many Muslims were asked not to embrace or kiss each other on the cheek, but greet each other with a respectful nod or warm smile.

Students in at least 31 states, as well as in Los Angeles and New York city, are not heading to school. School districts and universities have started to transition to online methods of instruction until work can resume in classrooms.

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