Cannabis Now Legalized In Malawi

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Malawi has joined the growing list of southern African countries that have legalized the growing, selling and exporting of cannabis.

Although, the country still restricts the legalization of cannabis for personal use, unlike in South Africa where the courts allowed cannabis for personal use. The latest changes to the country’s law state that cannabis will be used to make medicines and hemp fibers. Hemp fibers are used to make clothes, biofuel, paper and other products.

Malawi depends heavily on tobacco trade but the Cannabis sales are said to be able to supplement that and boost its revenue streams.

Southern African countries, such as; Zambia, Lesotho and Zimbabwe, have lenient rules on growing cannabis. There are many for instance in South Africa who consider legalizing Cannabis use as dangerous for the population, especially for young people.

Growers are required to pay an annual return fee of $15,000, certain amounts for different causes have been put in place such as; application to renew a producer’s license, license fee to conduct research on cannabis and application for import or export license, as well as inspection license. It appears many countries in Africa have started considering decriminalizing the growing of the plant due to its economic gains.

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