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South Korea Makes Efforts Towards Letting tourists Visit North Korea

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Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Moon Jae In of South Korea

During his New Years news conference in Seoul, South Korean President Moon Jae-in called for commercial transactions with North-Korea by allowing South Korean tourists visit.

He stated that it would help relieve pressure and strengthen the North and also aid dialogue with the United States.

Moon also expanded on how he believes Seoul and Pyongyang can make progress in inter-Korean cooperation going forward. Proposals were outlined in his address at the aforementioned event,last week.

Moon emphasised that independent tourism, as well as border-area and sports-related exchanges, would not be prohibited.“Inter-Korean relations is our problem, so we have to have the willingness to make progress a little more independently,” Moon said.

North Korea has however made it known that they are very much open to dialogue,and are willing to welcome tourists from the South.

Although, North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, stated that  his country would​ instead​ rebuild its economy without the help of relief from the sanctions that were imposed over the North’s weapons programs.

Efforts have been made by North Korea, to increase tourism and cash from abroad. Seaport resorts,ski, and spa complexes have been built in that regard.

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