Pope Appoints Woman In Senior Role At The Vatican

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Pope Francis has appointed Francesca Di Giovanni, a female Italian lawyer, to a high-ranking role in the Vatican’s diplomatic division, in the Secretariat of State. This role is said to be one of the most important departments in the Vatican.

The Vatican bureaucracy has always been male dominated as much as the Roman Catholic Church currently only permits men as priests.

In his New Year’s Address, the Pope condemned violence against women and spoke about gender equality, telling the congregation that women “should be fully included in decision-making processes.

“Women are givers and mediators of peace and should be fully included in decision-making processes,” Francis said. “Because when women can share their gifts, the world finds itself more united, more peaceful. Hence, every step forward for women is a step forward for humanity as a whole.” He added.

Di Giovanni will serve as the under-secretary in the Section for Relations with States, the arm of the Catholic Church that handles the Holy See’s political and diplomatic activity, according to story published in the church’s official media Vatican News on Wednesday.

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