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Cushioning Allowance Given To Zimbabwean Workers Against Economic Crises

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The Zimbabwean government through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development said it was going to start (as of January 14, 2020) paying an allowance to civil servants for the sake of the economic crisis.

The financial sector crisis in Zimbabwe has continued without ease, and the government had to award civil servants, including teachers, a cushioning allowance to avoid strike action.

Demands for salary increases have further burdened the treasury, which is already stretched, as it has to provide funds for social-protection mechanisms such as subsidies on maize meal.

Finance and Economic Development Ministry’s permanent secretary Mr George Guvamatanga said the money had by yesterday been released to banks and paid directly to the workers account.

 “I am happy to announce that the money for the cushioning allowances for civil servants was released to individual banks and it’s now just a matter of banks processing the payments to individual accounts,” he said.

Cecelia Alexander, head of the Apex Council which brings together over a dozen public sector unions including those representing teachers and nurses, said they met again on Monday and resolved that they would insist that the government pays the Zimbabwe dollar equivalent of US$475 to the least paid worker.

Zimbabwe is currently suffering a multi-pronged economic crisis that has contributed to exacerbating food security crisis according to the United Nations.

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