Three British tourists killed in South Africa car accident

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Susanna Naylor and husband Chris Naylon who both died in the accident

Three British tourists have lost their lives and another was badly injured in a terrible accident in South Africa.

The accident occurred after driving up the famous 450 miles Garden Route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.

In brief, the British tourist’s vehicle collided with another vehicle as they crossed the Swartkops Bridge in South Africa.

Consequently, their vehicle flipped over the crash barrier and plunged into the river below.

However, the accident involved two married couples who were on their way to an airport to fly back to England.

Victims are Peter Harris, Miranda Haris, Chris Maylor and Susanna Naylor.

A Former Clergyman, Peter Harris, 67, who set up the International Conservation Charity A Rocha survived the accident.

Meanwhile, Harris’s wife, Miranda 66 and friends of 25 years, Chris and Susanna Naylor died in the crash.

The three victims died instantly.

A postmortem showed that they died from the impact either of the barrier or on landing.

Peter Harris, his wife, and 58-year-old Mr. Naylor, all worked for A Rocha.

55-year-old Naylor was a senior teacher at the E17,000 a year Christ Church Cathedral School in Oxford.

Peter Harris and his wife Miranda who died in the crash

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