South Sudan: IOM suspends Ebola screening after three aid workers were killed

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United Nations Migration (IOM) says it has suspended some of its screening services for Ebola after three of its aid workers died in South Sudan.

Moreover, the IOM workers were hit by crossfire during clashes between rival armed groups in the country’s equatorial region.

However, the workers involve two men and one woman.

Subsequently, the IOM put on hold Ebola screening at five borders points between South Sudan, Uganda and the cratic Republic of Congo.

In addition, the armed group abducted the woman’s four-year-old son along with another local female IOM volunteer.

The armed group also injured two other male volunteers including one who is presently recovering from a gunshot wound.

Besides, the armed group behind the attack is still unknown.

Humanitarian workers are often targeted by rebels operating in South Sudan, which has been in the grip of a war that first broke out in late 2013 between soldiers allied to present Salva Kiir and those of his former deputy Rick Machar.

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