South Africa: Flight canceled as workers go on strike

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South African owned Airline has canceled nearly all flights scheduled for Friday 15 and Saturday 16 November.

However, the authorities canceled the flight because of a strike over wage increases.

The cabin crew and other workers at South Africa Airlines went on strike because of the airlines refusal of salary hikes.

Moreover, South African Unions disrupted operations of the country’s state-owned airline.

Meanwhile, the union also protest widespread job cuts in various government-controlled sectors.

In addition, the unions represent about 3,000 out of its 5,000 strong workers in South Africa.

In short, the airline also has the plan to cut more than 900 jobs in an attempt to stem severe financial losses.

On the contrary, the Union is, however, demanding job security for at least three years.

Similarly, they demanding for 8 percent salary increase.

According to the report, only flights directly operated by South African Airlines would be affected.

Thereafter, the airline promised to host an emergency meeting with the striking unions on Tuesday.

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