Lady arrested for causing fire on Azman flight

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An unnamed lady has been arrested at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos on the evening of Thursday, November 8.

Moreover, the security operatives arrested the twenty-four-year-old lady after causing a fire on Azman flight.

However, the passengers went to the plane’s toilet after takeoff to burn incense.

Azman flight 2Q2323 LOS ETD bound for Abuja has 135 passengers and six crew on board when the incident occurred.

Meanwhile, the passengers notified the pilot who disregarded it.

Consequently, the toilet was engulfed by the fire said to be caused by her pouring hot coals from a shisha.

Passengers became scared and could not contain their fear and shock.

By and large, smoke detector alerted the crew and fire extinguisher was used to contain the fire.

In this case, many passengers refused to continue the journey with the same aircraft.

After all, Firefighters have already surrounded where the plain will land as at the time the aircraft return to the airport.

The Director of Consumer Protection, NCM Adamu Abdulahi confirmed the incident.

Therefore, passengers called for the arrest of the pilot for disregarding the initial reports from them.

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