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Fourteen killed in Burundi clashes

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Fourteen gunmen who entered the Burundian territory on Tuesday, October 22 have been killed.

However, the Burundi Army killed the gunmen as they entered the country from the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Meanwhile, the residents who saw the group of about eighteen armed criminals alerted the security forces.

Whereas, the armed group came from the Rukoko forest bordering DR Congo when security forces attacked them.

Moreover, the Burundi Army also seized their weapons after exchanging fire with them Bubanza province.

Note that Bubanza province is about 112 kilometers (69 miles) from the capital Gitega.

The Burundi rebel group known as RED Taraba operating from the Congo claimed responsibility for the attack on its Twitter account.

Therefore, the RED Taraba said the attack is the start of a ‘resistance’ to push for rule of law in Burundi.

“Burundi is not as stable as the regime in place claims”. Said RED Taraba.

Since 2015, when President Pierre Nkurunziza successfully sought a disputed third term in office, Burundi has constantly witnessed violence.

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