Egypt: Five dead after train, minibus crash in Luxor

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At least five people have lost their lives after a speeding train crashed into a passenger car in Egypt.

However, the incident occurred on Tuesday, October 30th.

In short, a train carrying goods ran into the passenger car at an illegal rail crossing in the southern tourist city of Luxor.

An eyewitness said the car got stuck into the tracks and the incoming train hit it.

Subsequently, the train also injured four other people.

Meanwhile, the driver of the car survived the crash, and escaped from the site but was arrested later.

Moreover, railway accidents are common in Egypt due to negligence and a signaling system.

The government’s lack of investment, old equipment, poor maintenance, and poor management also contributed to the frequent railway accidents in Egypt.

Recently, Egypt recorded 12,236 railway accidents between 2006 and 2016.

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