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Video: Ethiopia celebrates Spring Festival in capital after 150 years

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The Oromo community in Ethiopia celebrated its annual spring season festival of Irreecha.

However, the celebration is being held in its capital for the first time in its one hundred and fifty years of celebration.

Moreover, many Oromo leaders argued that Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia is part of their territory.

Freshly cut grass and flowers are placed in water to thank God for the end of the rainy season and the beginning of spring.

Hundreds of people flood the streets, including Addis Ababa’s main public area, Meskel Square.

Equally, People sang and waved flags and flowers.

Meanwhile, the Ethiopians have been celebrating the annual festival in Bishofu, 40km (25 miles) away.

In addition, the move to the capital, surrounded by Oromia is seen as a recognition of Oromo culture by the authorities.

Whereas, some say it is an attempt by the ruling party to cultivate popular support ahead of the coming election.

Importantly, the celebration aimed at bringing different traditions together.

It is also an avenue for people to wear their traditional costumes.

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