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Uganda: Floods displace hundreds in Bulambuli district

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Several people in Bulambuli district have been rendered homeless due to flash floods caused by heavy rains.

Moreover, the affected areas are homes in Bunangaka, Bufuhula, Nabongo, and Bufumbula.

Other places affected are Buwakol and Bumasoho parishes in Nabongo sub countries.

However, the Bulambuli district environment department said floods hit Sisyi, Simu, and Bulaago.

Bukaalu, Muyembe and Nabongo sub countries were also affected by the flood on Sunday, October 6.

The floods have as well killed many livestock, destroyed gardens, roads, and cut bridges.

The floods became serious after the heavy rain that pounded the area for more than three days.

According to residents, some of the water flowed from the stone quarrying sites belonging to Kampala and Toronto cement factories.

Residents claimed some of the ditches used as far back as 1998 have now turned into man-made lakes covering over 10 acres of land.

The floods made the soils soft and the area became susceptible to flooding more, especially when it rains.

The people have severally appealed to the authorities to fill up the open ditches for four years.

Although the Bunangaka Parish Councilor, Moses Wakonelo blames the flooding on poor farming methods in the district.

He added that people have cultivated up to the riverbanks, thus, making it hard for them to hold water.

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