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Somalia: 2.6 million people are internally displaced

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The United Nations Migration Agency says 2.6 million people in Somalia have been internally displaced.

However, the agency on Tuesday, October 21 confirmed that the displacement is due to famine, drought, and floods.

Moreover, a report released by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) stated that:

 “Somalia has for almost three decades been in the throes of conflict, now add the most recent drought and the result is displacement and food shortages”.

Meanwhile, about 5.4 million people out of the 15 million living in the country were estimated to not have enough food.

In addition, more than half of the population of Somalia live under poverty with the highest poverty rates found in displacement and settlements.

UNHCR’s Global Trends Report issued in June 2019 shows that nearly 900,000 people are refugees in other countries.

In 1991, Somalia entered into civil war following the overthrow of late president Mohamed Siad Barre.

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