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Rwanda: US pastor deported hours after arrest

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Rwanda’s government has deported an American pastor and missionary after his arrest.

Moreover, the Rwanda government arrested Gregg Schoof, a conservative Baptist Missionary for allegedly disturbing the public order.

Rwanda’s Director General of Immigration, Francois Regis Gatarayiha confirmed the deportation.

Gatarayiha said the authority arrested Schoof on Monday, October 7 and he was deported late that evening directly to the States.

Furthermore, Schoof’s visa had expired and he had requested several days to prepare to leave Rwanda.

In addition, during the time given to him to prepare, he engaged himself in activities that disturbed the public peace.

Likewise, on Sunday, Schoof emailed Rwanda Journalist, inviting them to a news conference which he planned hosting before leaving the country.

Meanwhile, the police arrested him at the venue of the planned new conference.

Schoof, however, gave journalists a statement stating that his church is moving to Uganda this month.

Equally, he claimed that the Rwanda government had denied him a visa renewal application.

Last year, authorities following a sermon in which he described, “Women as evil” shut down Schoof’s radio station in Rwanda.

Many women’s rights activists see the sermon as a way of spreading hate against women.

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