Morocco pardons reporters jailed on abortion charge

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Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has pardoned a Hajar Raissouni, a journalist sentenced to a year in prison in September.

However, the Moroccan government sentenced Raissouni to jail for premarital sex and abortion.

Moreover, the judge jailed her alongside her fiancé, a doctor, and two of his colleagues.

Premarital sex and abortion are illegal in Morocco, a mostly orthodox Muslim country.

Nevertheless, the twenty-eight-year-old Raissouni denied the allegations against her, claiming that the government targeted her for her work.

Whereas, the doctors also confirmed that Raissouni came to receive treatment for a blood clot.

Raissouni and her fiancé told the court that they had been married in a religious ceremony but not legally.

Note that Raissouni works for Akhbar-al-Youm, an independent newspaper that is critical of the Moroccan government.

Meanwhile, the king’s intervention is an act of compassion and mercy for a couple who is planning to establish a family legally.

An activist group, the Moroccan Association for Abortion Rights claimed that 600 to 800 abortions take place illegally each day in Morocco.

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