Mali: 25 soldiers killed in attacks by suspected Jihadists

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At least twenty-five Malian Soldiers have died and sixty are still missing in Central Mali.

However, the incident happened on Monday, September 30, after suspected Jihadists attacked two Army camps.

Moreover, the two army camps, Boulkessy and Mondoro towns, the nearby border with Burkina Faso came under attack.

In response, the soldiers later gained control, hence, fifteen alleged Jihadist fighters also died in the assault.

The death toll is among the highest suffered by Malian forces this year as they struggle to contain militant groups with a link to al-Qaida or Islamic State.

Note that the assailants at Boulkessy are suspected members of Ansarul Islam, known as the G5 Sahel.

The G5 Sahel is a five-nation joint taskforce created in 2014 to tackle Jihadist violence in the region.

The Malian armed forces confirm that the provisional toll is twenty-five deaths, four injured and sixty missing.

Meanwhile, the authorities confirmed the attack but did not indicate the number of casualties.

Furthermore, the forces added that they lost some heavy equipment during the attack.

Consequently, the army launches a joint operation with forces from neighboring Burkina-Faso.

The French troops stationed in the region also joined the operation.

Finally, a local official previously confirmed the death of two civilians in Boulkessy.

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