Malawi: Policeman stoned to death by protesters

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A Policeman has been stoned to death on Tuesday, October 8 in Malawi.

However, the police officer died during a clash between pro and anti-government protesters ahead of president Peter Mutharika’s first public meeting after a disputed election.

Moreover, since May this year, a wave of protests gripped Malawi over the May poll.

Furthermore, Msunde – a trading outpost west of the capital- is the center of demonstrations after the poll in May.

Meanwhile, Police Spokesperson, James Kadadzera confirmed the incident.

Kadadzera added that the protesters stoned the police officer to death.

In brief, Anti-government protesters blocked the main road in Msunde.

Obviously, the action is to stop supporters of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party from traveling to Mutharika’s first rally in the city since his poll wins.

According to an eyewitness Wemu Phiri, the police fired teargas to disperse the protesters but demonstrators kept on regrouping.

Nevertheless, the protesters fight back with stones.

Consequently, the protesters cornered one police officer and stoned him to death.

Although, a security expert and retired brigadier Marcel Chirwa said the police are too involved in politics, thus, using strong-arm tactics.

Malawi’s Congress Party Leader, Mutharika urged the country to unite and stop the violence.

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