Lagos: Vanguard Journalist, 22 others escape death as boat capsized

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On Wednesday, October 2, twenty-two passengers including a Journalist and staff of Vanguard media limited, Geoffrey Bivre narrowly escaped death.

However, the incident happened at the Agbara area en route Liverpool, Apapa, Lagos.

The boat capsized in the middle of the lagoon and threw all its occupants into the water.

Fortunately, nobody died in the accident, which included two women.

Moreover, the accident was because of the excessive speeding and carelessness of the boat pilot.

Although, the passengers cautioned him but he disregarded all pleas to reduce the speed of the boat.

Bivre said, he left home on Wednesday, and as usual, he headed for the Jetty to take a boat heading to Liverpool.

A young man in his 20’s or early 30’s was the pilot and they took off from the Jetty exactly 10 am.

Initially, it was a smooth ride until another boat overtook the pilot in the Ojo area.

Apparently, the pilot felt embarrassed by his slow movement and he suddenly increases his speed, pursuing the boat that overtook him.

Nevertheless, Passengers kept quiet until the driver became obsessed with the pursuit.

The passengers cautioned the driver to take it easy but he would not listen, hence, disregarding the call for caution.

As he wanted to maneuver the boat after Alakija, the boat capsized and threw its entire occupant into the water.

Then the Navy Officials on drill nearby and other boats around came to the rescue.

In fact, the twenty-three passengers, including the driver, came out alive because they had a life jacket on.

Above all, Bivire called on both Federal and State governments to launch 24 hours patrol of the rescue team on waterways.

He added that this would help save lives during emergencies.

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