DR Congo: Twenty dead in bus accident

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At least twenty people died in a road accident in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In brief, a packed bus came off the road on a highway west of the capital of the DRC Kinshasa and burst into flames.

However, twenty people died instantly and eighteen others had third-degree burns.

Moreover, the head of the Red Cross in Mbanzoa-Ngungu territory southwest of Kinshasa said, they are still trying to identify the bodies.

Meanwhile, the bus was traveling from Latu to Kinshasa when the brakes failed.

According to an injured passenger called Nacha, more than one hundred people were in the vehicle when the incident happened.

In addition, the fire burned the victims beyond recognition.

Mbanza-Ngungu is located about 150 kilometers (90 miles) west of Kinshasa on Highway, a road with a notorious reputation for deadly accidents.

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