At least 300 chained, starved, sexually abused in Kaduna house of horror

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A building has been uncovered by the Kaduna State Police, where at least three hundred children are kept.

The building is, however, located in Rigasa, Kaduna in Central Nigeria.

Moreover, the children were tortured, chained, sexually assaulted and starved.

The Kaduna Police Commissioner, Ali Janga confirmed the incident, saying, he received information that something is going on a rehabilitation Center or Islamic school in Rigasa.

Obviously, the police discovered that it is neither a rehabilitation Center nor an Islamic school.

Besides, some of the children are in chains, so they would not escape.

Additionally, the majority of them are from neighboring countries like Burkina Faso, Mali and others from across Nigeria.

Consequently, Ali Janga calls the rehabilitation center “Kaduna house of horror”.

Furthermore, there were signs that the victims may be going through some form of indoctrination.

Although, the people in charge of the “House of horror” claimed it is an Islamic rehabilitation center.

By and large, the detained children said they made it mandatory for them to fast and they sexually abused them.

In brief, all the children have been moved.

We cannot confirm whether the minders of the abused and starved children were arrested.

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