Xenophobia: One killed, five injured in fresh attack in Johannesburg

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At least one person died in a xenophobic attack in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Gauteng Police Spokesperson, Captain Kay Makhubele confirmed the incident.

A group of men interrupted President Emeritus of the Inkatha Freedom Party, Mangosuthu Buthelezi, while speaking to hotel residents after a week of xenophobic violence. A

Moreover, these men came with wielded sticks pangs and tree branches reportedly marched through the city to disrupt the meeting.

The president, Nigerian Union South Africa, Adetola Olubajo says one person died in the attack, hence, confirming the casualties.

Meanwhile, the police arrested sixteen people for public violence and the possession of stolen properties.

Nigerians in South Africa are advised to stay away from where violence is.

Obviously, this is to avoid a repeating the violence last week which led to great loss of properties and lives.

Consequently, several shop owners close their shops for the moment as the protesters are still damaging properties and looting shops.

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