Xenophobia: At least 10 died in South Africa riots

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South Africa’s President confirmed the death of ten people during the riots and attacks, in which two of them are foreigners.

He revealed this in a televised address in Johannesburg on Thursday, September 5,

Meanwhile, the South African Police arrested more than eighty people, in the long run, five of them died during the riot at Johannesburg on Tuesday.

However, the riot spread to the surrounding townships with roving groups attacking mainly shops owned by foreigners.

The president’s televised address goes thus:

“Over the past few days, our country has been deeply traumatized and troubled by acts of violence and criminality directed against foreign nationals and own citizens” Said Ramphosa.

“People have lost their lives, families have been traumatized. We know that at least 10 people have been killed in the violence. Two of them of whom were foreign nationals”.

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