Video: Egyptians protest, demand removal of President Sisi

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Many pro-democracy protesters on Friday, September 20 gathered in Cairo near Tahrir square demanding for Sisi’s resignation.

However, many other protesters rallied in other smaller Egyptian cities chanting “Sisi get out”.

Moreover, the demonstration is one of the first demonstrations Egypt has seen since Sisi came to power in a military takeover in six years ago.

Sisi has shown zero tolerance for protest since he ousted the country’s first democratically elected president in a 2013 coup.

In recent times, those who challenge his ban have been sent to prison to serve long jail terms and face harsh punishments.

The protests came following calls on social media from Mohammed Ali, demanding the toppling of Sisi.

Meanwhile, Ali is a disgruntled exiled Egyptian businessman who has been posting viral videos on social media from Spain since the beginning of September accusing Sisi and the military of rampant corruption.

Although, Sisi denied the allegations last week at a youth conference assuring Egyptians he “was honest and Faithful” to his people and the military.

Subsequently, Ali urged Egyptians in his last video on Friday to head to the road and protest against Sisi.

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