US increases visa fees to N99,000 for Nigerians

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The United States Embassy in Nigeria will raise the price of visas for Nigerians on Thursday, August 29.

The US has increased the price as a “reciprocity” fee.

This change is due to the Nigerian government charging US citizens more to obtain a visa than it does Nigerians.

Thus, these new changes are to make the prices all equal.

Nigerians seeking tourism, student and business visas will not only pay the N59, 200 fees but will be required to add an extra $110 (N40,700).

Although, the addition will be paid after the visa had been issued to them, making the total cost N99,900.

Applicants who were denied visas would not need to pay the extra N40,700.

Applicants seeking the L1 visa (work permit) will pay an extra N112,100 if given visas while those applying for H4 visas (dependency/spousal) will pay an extra N66,000.

Both reciprocity and MRV fees are non-refundable, visa classification will depend on the amount to pay.

The fee would be required from all Nigerian citizens worldwide regardless of where they were applying.

The fee can not be paid anywhere else except, the US Embassy or the US Consulate General.

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