US airstrike kills eleven in Southern Libya

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On Wednesday, September 24, United States Forces stated they had killed eleven suspected militants linked to Islamic State.

However, the strike is the second airstrike in less than a week near the Southern Libyan town of Murouq.

Moreover, the attack occurred on Tuesday, September 23, following a September 19 strike that killed eight suspected militants.

Director of Operations for US Africa Command, Major General William Gayler confirmed the attack.

Meanwhile, the airstrike was conducted to eliminate ISIS terrorists and deny them the ability to conduct attacks on the Libyan people.

Recall that in 2016, Islamic State Militants lost its stronghold in the coastal city of Sirte, thus, retreated south into Libya’s desert.

Consequently, the United State said it would not allow militants to use a conflict between eastern and western-base factions around the capital Tripoli to protect themselves.

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