Turkey, Uganda to sign new cooperative agreements

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Six new cooperation agreements are expected to be signed by Turkey and Uganda before the end of the year.

However, some of the agreements include cooperation in military training judiciary, higher education, and economic cooperation.

In addition, the two countries will also agree on the establishment of the Yunus Emre Institute.

Moreover, Turkey’s Ambassador to Uganda, Karem Alp confirmed the agreement in an interview.

According to Alp, once the agreements are signed, Turkey would begin to train Uganda police officers and soldiers.

Meanwhile, Turkey will also cooperative with Uganda in the judiciary sector after signing a mutual legal assistance agreement.

Furthermore, the two countries will cooperate in law enforcement and repatriate wanted criminals from each country.

Moving forward, the agreement should strengthen the legal framework between the two nations.

The cooperation in the higher education sector will enable Turkey to offer doctoral and post-doctoral scholarships for Uganda students who want to study in Turkey.

Turkey currently offers scholarships to Ugandan who desire to study in Turkey.

Note that, over 300 Ugandans have graduated from Turkish universities since the scholarship started.

Additionally, 50 other Ugandans are in the process of receiving scholarships.

“ This is the 50th anniversary of Turkey and Uganda diplomatic relationships”.

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