Six Civilians killed in Northeast Syria despite truce

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At least six civilians were killed in Northwestern Syrian Idlib province by Regime and Russian fire.

The incident occurred two weeks following the Moscow declaration of a ceasefire in the region.

Russia carried out its first airstrikes in the area since the declaration of ceasefire.

However, Regime rocket fire killed five civilians including a child in the town of Maaret and Kafranbel in Southern Idlib province.

Moreover, the sixth civilian was killed in the Russian airstrike in the rural west of the province.

In the long run, the recent strike brought to eleven, the number killed since the ceasefire came into effect.

The truce, which brought a halt to four months of devastating bombardment on Idlib province by the government and its ally Russian, had largely held apart from sporadic artillery fire and airstrikes.

Meanwhile, the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham alliance led by Al Qaeda’s former Syria affiliate is the one in charge of Idlib, as well as parts of neighboring Aleppo and Latakia provinces.

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